Named in honor of the great DarthCoin, a very well respected member of the LNbits community who not only has produced lots of great written guides, also tirelessly has helped many, many users with debugging in our groups. Thank you DarthCoin!

An install on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 ARM64 system was a bit bumpy:

  • Ubuntu has Python 3.10. LNBits uses SCSS which uses collections.Iterate. The collections.Iterate module was deprecated in 3.10 and moved to
  • Therefore make sure you don't skip the step that instructs to install Python 3.9 from the deadsnakes repo.
  • As an extra precaution I've updated update-alternatives on that system to point Python to 3.9.
  • Documentation doesn't make clear but you need python3.9-dev (and build-essentials) to compile some dependencies.
  • The file fails under poetry complaining about scss. In my case running it outside of poetry finishes just fine. Other people arent reporting same success. Perhaps the update-alternative made a difference.

Anyway, sorry for the info dump. I thought it might help.

This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe submit a pull request with this info in the readme?

Finally can use the bolt card I bought