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The best VPN in the market and highly skilled team!! Congrants Mullvad!

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PCB and FPGA designs available at https://github.com/tillitis/

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Still no way to pay via Lightning for their VPN, such a shame.

No need for them to develop a tool right now. This works: https://vpn.sovereign.engineering/

Neat, but does this mean sovereign somehow gets my deets? I trust Mullvad, not particularly interested in trusting another party.

Lightning has good sender privacy. You can also buy a voucher without associating with an account number, which is what I do. So the tool learns essentially nothing about you.

thank you so much for sharing this!

I there is a need since obviously, not many people know that. Or they should link to that page in their official docs (if they haven't)

Excellent news, from a trusted company like Mullvad!!

So it looks to be open source and FPGA based. What are the chances some custom payload can turn this device into a hardware signing device for Bitcoin?

It'd be interesting to see people creating custom hardware wallets.