The odds are orders of magnitude better to win the mega millions than to guess a key with funds at random. You're better off buying $5 lottery tickets than spending $5 on electricity so your computer can make trillions of guesses for private keys. Even if you find a key, relatively few keys have multiple millions of USD worth of BTC. Many many more keys have less than 1 BTC. You're also better off putting that computational energy towards mining a block.

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lol... proof of luck

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If you put your private key on that website to search for your wallet you are an idiot

LOL do exist such dumb people searching for their WIF on a random website? wow that will be absolute idiocy.

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I hope nobody interferes with letting people paste their private keys. Don't interfere with selective pressures. Survival of the fittest.

да биткоин и этому научит... биткоин институт самый лучший в мире

of course they do, you don't think so?

When I gifted some bitcoin to a friend by sending him seed words, he had to create a own wallet with new seeds words.

I asked him to send me the new seed words first so I can verify. He told me no, then we would have the same problem as before.

I see great potential in him

sending coins via seed words (i assume through a messenger?) is pretty bad opsec though.

Yes, but the wallet is only temporary and this was the easiest way for me to make people interested by giving them a challenge. They would have to generate a own wallet and then send themselves the coins to this secure wallet.

so, if my address shows up on that page i'm screwed... right?

It would - that is almost guaranteed to not happen

mathematically you should be far more concerned with dying today by random chance

well, neither of these options is very comforting

If your address showed up, you would be screwed - but I assure you, it won't show up!

Say what you want about the chances but its oddly addicting clicking the dice and waiting for the vertical strip read the results, in a gatcha game loot box addicting kind of way.

But in the end you are playing dice against the age of the heat death of the universe or something like that. Still addicting tho.

This is amazing! The power of mathematics I love it!

hahaha nice one!

So you're saying I could roll dice until eternity with this website to find satoshis keys and become insanely rich????

Narrator: There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers a private key on that website, the universe will instantly disappear and be replaced by another universe where that person didnt found a private key.

я начал тут майнить. давай присоединяйся... сатоши ещё не двигал свой биткоин...

Nice find! I found the private key to a used (but empty) wallet!

What are the odds? 🤯

Apparently, because of how the pages are procedurally generated, the keys on the first pages have very little randomness. You'll find loads of emptied wallets there

Finding an active wallet is hard, but not impossible.

Now you're just taking the piss mate

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I legit found an active wallet

Proof it