As you can see in the tweet, they are also abusing German privacy laws to attempt to silence critics (me) and suppress public discourse on their silent change to ToS.

Very despicable practices and telling of what will be coming. Will be more and more important to host your own node/services at home instead of relying on a hosting provider for anything related to Bitcoin, privacy, or self-sovereignty.

Climate Catastrophism is the new religion and Bitcoin has been deemed by the High Priests a devil.

Is there some explanation to why they would do this? Incompatible with their pricing model?

The only explanation is in this screenshotted Reddit comment and the screenshotted email I posted:

Not clear why they're globally banning cryptocurrency software, especially when their ToS is only explicit about mining.

Seems like they can only charge what they do because of under-utilization, where cryptocurrency usage can max out a VPS 24/7?

If you're not mining the only time you have heavy utilization is initial block download -- keeping a node in sync on Bitcoin, Monero, etc. is very much not resource intensive.

The other FOSS services I host are usually more resource intensive than any of the Bitcoin and Monero nodes once they've done the initial sync.

Plus, if you're paying for something and can't use it because you're using it too well, that's... insane?

Yeah agreed, I guess I don't understand what other rationale they would have to ostracize customers like that.

I knew they (and most other) cloud and VPS hosting were banning mining, ... that's been the case for a decade even, ... but I didn't think simply running a node would be against their terms of service.

Lots of Core nodes and LN nodes are run on AWS, etc., and some are even on Hetzner. [I know, ... that's terrible for privacy and security, but I'm just stating facts.]

I wonder if this action by Hetzner was selective enforcement because it was a privacy coin (Monero)?

This actually has nothing to do with Monero specifically, the initial comment by Hetzner was in reference to Ethereum but they made sure it encompassed all cryptocurrency usage (including Bitcoin).

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How are ISPs remained so neutral? They dont deplatform or discriminate. What is the difference? What is being done right here?

Net neutrality. ISP's in the EU are not allowed by law to differentiate between different types of internet traffic. In the US things continue to change because Congress never passed any law on this and therefore the FCC devices. Trump's FCC appointee Ajit Pai effectively got rid of net neutrality in the US. Biden now trying to undo this

I don't have an UPS and datacenter connectivity at home... Where should one move to...? Hetzner dedicated servers have been rock solid and cheap compared to the competition. So now we need a rating on crypto services friendly hosting?

Some KYC-free VPS hosts that accept Bitcoin:,,,

More here:

Was looking for this, have some sats

I've switched my public services here:

They are solid, cheaper than Hetzner, and accept Bitcoin for payments.

But really you should familiarize yourself with self-hosting whenever possible, UPS are cheap, home internet is plenty powerful enough for most use-cases, and there are lots of good pre-built and simplified ways to host services yourself.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Why do you need datacenter connectivity? If you're looking for a static IP, you may try dynamic DNS providers:

This is what it means to be decentralized my friend. We are built to stand when everyone fights us.

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Why the need for a separate UPS? Isn't a laptop with its "integrated UPS" well enough?

For towers, I can understand. But wanted to mention that laptops are pretty useful in this case

The attack vector at home is larger then in the datacenter. I already host things at home as a hobby. I do not consider my node a hobby. I also prefer an European datacenter.

Imagine if Amazon made this policy decision

Won't be surprised if we see the same in the future, it seems this is becoming a more common sentiment.

Although Ethereum runs on AWS, would be surprised to see them ban crypto

Bullish. Bitcoin shines when people try to attack it, and yet there is a particular shitcoin this would affect that I'm thinking of.


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Why would people use Hetzner? They don't even take Bitcoin. Use Namecheap, Lunanode or if it has to be in Germany, Hostinger, instead.