Just saw this tweet and this follow up from Nicolas Burtey who seems to have found Cash App’s Lightning nodes.

Combined, it looks like they have 20 BTC of public capacity and 3 channel partners (River, Okcoin, and OpenNode).

They presented at btc++ and mentioned that they have a really interesting node architecture that basically spends up nodes on demand. Different components of the node live on distributed tech. It really starts to not be a "node" any more than a publicly facing endpoint with distributed and redundant microservice infrastructure backing it like most modern tech is.

Interesting. I believe they use LDK as a framework, which is supposed to be modular, so this kind of architecture would make sense.

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So then they took decentralization to another level of decentralization ? Since the parts to each node are on distributed tech? Any attack vectors in doing so granted if 1 part fails the whole node goes down??

It's actually a "cluster" of nodes. So yeah if the entire infrastructure hosting the cluster goes down, then all the nodes go down.

But if an individual node goes down, that's fine, the other nodes in the cluster can process outbound payments and accept deposits.

I guess I better change my node alias to River Financial 3 ;-)

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This is good. I use cashapp to send out lightning tx's very frequently and never have had an issue unless cashapp doesn't like the receiver (they won't send to lightningtipbot on telegram for some reason, it always gets held and returned to my balance). Other than that the tx's are sent out and in my wallet in seconds as lightning should be

at cash app, our compliance team prevents us from routing through nodes w/ IP addresses from sanctioned countries. the best node to get to LnTxBot is a node with a russian IP address lol (https://amboss.space/node/034a7b1ac1239ff2ac8438ce0a7ade1048514b77d4322f514e96918e6c13944861)

so unfortunately have trouble paying there, until LnTxBot hooks up to more routing nodes

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The Feds appreciate your compliance. And don't forget to pay that 1099k at the end of the year.

lol..you think i'm using my cashapp to purchase btc?! bahahaha.

great find

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Cash App being KYC is basically shit. Good for onboarding normies though.