We raised from fantastic investors and angels with a variety of skill sets. Max Webster through hivemind led, followed by angels @nout, @dk, @kr, @phaedrus, and @merryoscar.

I decided to raise because I've never been more excited to work on something or loved my users more. In 6 months after just building something for myself, we went from 0 to 1000+ registered users, users earning 350k+ sats, 9k+ monthly visitors, and 40k+ page views per month.

Our mission remains aligned with the SN origin story. We want to

  1. restructure incentives in online communities so that the content and discourse is the highest quality
  2. get our users more Bitcoin
  3. avoid censorship

SN has a lot of work to do to get there, so we'll be working our butts off. We'll be addressing (1) with a attempts at novel ranking algorithms and using Bitcoin where it makes sense, (2) using site proceeds to airdrop sats on earnest, active users, enable paywalled content, marketplace features, and paying users for leadership roles in the community and (3) by decentralizing the site and giving users control.


As a founder, whenever I read these raise announcements, I'm always disappointed to not see the terms of the raise made public. So for anyone like me, we raised on a post-money SAFE with a $6m cap without a discount.


Congrats! I'm hopeful that this can be the alternative to Twitter eventually.

22 sats \ 1 replies \ @nout 6 Jan

What would you say is missing? Anything besides the community? Are you missing some amount of shitposting?

Right now, it's marketing. But it's about the right size for the stage that it's at. Once it becomes the place where Bitcoiners hang out, that's when it'll be very powerful. It's about 1000 users right now, things change a lot when it 10x from here and then another 10x after that. The key right now is to figure out what the community engages with. AMAs are a good start, tipping is another. Focus on the community and serve them and it'll get eyeballs.

A marketplace feature sounds great & could grow a KYC-free Bitcoin circular economy for digital products.

24 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 5 Jan

Excited for the rest of the Bitcoin community to discover Stacker News in 2022!

сделаем приложения для смартфон.

Congrats, good timing.

Amazing news!

This is amazing. Charging a micro transaction fee to send emails, make calls, post on forums will stop spam in its tracks. These are the little things lighting is doing that will one day very soon smack every one in the face that’s not involved! Been holding for 7 years. Had a channel on YouTube The Larry and Joe Show. We interviewed John Mcafee and every big name 4 years ago. Check it out. And I just started my new channel not to long ago. I’ll be doing giveaways to subscribers and they can lock there prize. Btc, lighting, some one of a kind John Mcafee stuff he sent me. Congrats SN on your success and being a part of changing the world. Everyone else please check out my channel. Today I talked about NYC Mayor is taking first 60k he makes in Btc and how he wants NY to be crypto hub of the world. He also told everyone on national tv to buy the dip. And this is our mayor. Love this guy. New York mayor says we will be crypto hub of the world! Also says buy the dip. Love this guy! https://youtu.be/Qv8uEzOZLn4

Amazing. This is truly what bitcoin needs. If you have to pay a couple days to send a email, make a post on a platform, so anything on the internet it will cut spam off pretty much instantly. I make a daily YouTube video which I will in mondays bring this site up. This is amazing. New York mayor says we will be crypto hub of the world! Also says buy the dip. Love this guy! https://youtu.be/Qv8uEzOZLn4


Congrats Keyan!

P.S. appreciate you sharing the terms of the rase as well :-)

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you are the men!!!

would stacker.news end looking like reddit?

33 sats \ 0 replies \ @nout 6 Jan

No, it will look better.


keep doing the good work...


Amazing news.

Congratulations, team.


2 sats \ 1 replies \ @mf 6 Jan

Congrats satoshi. Well deserved. One note, I think you should use the Sat standard ;)

Oh that would’ve been cool!

2 sats \ 0 replies \ @ajm 6 Jan

Hell yes. LFG.

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Congratulations! I really look forward to the awesome things that are coming.

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Congratulations! I can't wait to see this site grow!

What are you gonna use the money for? I think you should start paying bounties for GitHub contribution.

Agreed! I’m thinking of doing mobile app bounties/prizes … but I have to open the api up first

Isso seria legal pois não tenho a disposição um computador desktop, se não fosse meu smarthphone eu não conheceria bitcoin e a rede lightning. obrigado pelos satoshis que vocês pingam aqui!

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Your story shows that one man can make a difference. Only in btc-land.

Let's get it @koob!


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Congrats! Can't wait to see how the next few years go for the site!



Congratulations @k00b and team, looking forward to see how SN grows!

Amazing! Looking forward to what is to come!