it will also be used as an ostracism tool

This is also my worry, that it could potentially be used to silence people from all users' feeds (unless you actively enable wild west mode), rather than only filter out messages (not individuals) that are unconstructive. I understand if you mute someone who you don't like, but muting people globally (by downvoting all their posts regardless of content) from all users' feeds is worse. But I don't know if this feature would be used in this way.

Haha, I was wondering why I haven't been seeing quest77's comments lately.

@koob Here's an example of someone being a racist dickhole, but not necessarily spamming or being a bot. Is antisemitism against policy, or is it better to just let the community stifle comments like this?

Posts and comments with calls for violence seem like they should explicitly be banned from a liability point of view, but maybe not?

We need to add flagging rules to the FAQ but off the top of my head, these are the valid reasons to flag:

  • spam
  • scam
  • racism/bigotry
  • threats of violence
  • excessive and unnecessary meanness
  • unwelcome nudity
  • encouraging self-harm

A lot of these are subjective, which is why it's optional to see the consequence of flagging.

There is no "policy." Just suggestions, votes, payments, and algorithms.