After reading @k00b recent post: I started thinking about how we as a community could help new users, and figured that the easiest way is to just donate some sats whenever we see a new user joining the community.

I really like the feature where in "recent" new users bios are shown as posts. I have myself started to just donate a few sats whenever I see one of these posts in recent, so that they get a few sats to start playing around with.

It hit me that this might be the first place where they come in contact with Bitcoin/Lightning (doubtful but non the less a possibility) and a few sats here and there can help a lot. It's all about the small everyday things that make this community great and I figured that I'd share this idea with you guys.

If you are reading this I wish you a fantastic day!

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I was thinking along the same lines! If @k00b made the bio posts free for newbies, we could get them started with some sats. That way SN can keep the current post fees as is.

I like the idea

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I would like to expand this with giving a few (1 to 3) free posts to beginners, this way a new user can also earn some sats, it doesn't limt him to bio only and he can have a chance to prove himself with quality content

I always read new users bio and tip them if I consider that are on the right path (bitcoin, not shitcoining). All depends also about the content they post here: good content = more sats, shitcoin posting = flags, no soup for you!

@k00b another proposal to think about: will be nice to add the item no. when new user joined to SN and or have his first post. Also to have like a flag for at least 2-3 days as "new stacker" or something like that.

I like this idea, it is more inviting if random people give a few sats to a new user than if the platform allows them to post without any cost. Possibly ask people to 'sign up to comment' and require they fill in a bio. On the bio page, inform them that the new bio will show up in the feed and to introduce themselves sufficiently that people will want you to participate, and if they do, they might contribute sats for you to post if you don't have any of your own. This puts it on the community to screen new users and encourages charitable action, which will naturally need to pass the 'deserving' filter. Just one mildly generous boost could be enough to make 10 comments or posts, which should get them off the ground. The part I don't understand is how will existing users be encouraged to read the bios?

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Love the ideas - asking ppl to do a bio for free is a good idea...put some seeders in the bio area "how did you hear about SN/bitcoin" "how long have you know about Bitcoin" "do you stack other cryptos and why?" If someone has been around for ages then seeding them from several users may not be as impactful as a total noob.

Also push them to review the FAQ section as I've had to refer back to it several times the past few a noob to the space even posting the pictures can be tricky for someone who doesn't code - an example might help. Maybe add what the sats\replies means next to each user?

i think thats a good idea :) and at some point we could get wild, and have like sat showers. where a random person wins, and he is showered with sats