Yes! Club Bitcoin: Solitaire♣️ is the highest ranking so far. There are a few reasons why I think it has been so successful so far:
  1. It's a familiar and fun game. People already know how to play, it's a classic, so there isn't much of a learning curve when it comes to getting started.
  2. The past quarter the team has been picking apart our past four games and learning what worked and what didn't. This game has been optimized in every areas - the UX, ad placement, prize draws, etc. This is not only a great bitcoin game, it is a great game by itself.
  3. The design is visually appealing and very slick. The UX is crisp af and the responsiveness and the animations feel amazing and natural.
Nice, what were some of the biggest learnings that came from previous games?
Specifically interested in how you think about allocating prizes among players… feels like Lightning companies are going through lots of experiments in this area.
Our goal is to propagate Bitcoin, so our main goal is that virtually every player receives their first Bitcoin at the first session.