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Pet peeve: "I'm gonna steelman this"... proceeds to strawmanning.

Agreed, people think steelmanning an argument is an insult.

Yes yes very easy to debunk of course: https://nakamotoinstitute.org/mempool/bitcoin-is-not-a-pyramid-scheme/ Nigerian adoption, Philippine adoption, Argentinian adoption, etc etc.

However, what was interesting about this to me, was "Does the person uninvolved in crypto or Bitcoin, also believe this?" How true it is, to me is obvious, its not, and as such is not interesting, but what is interesting is "Does this article reflect the current public sentiment" and that I don't actually know.

5 years of sats per USD, EURO, 100JPY, 10CNY, GBP, and 100RUB

Sats per Fiat chart

Bitcoin is clearly separated from fiat, a much bigger ponzi scheme

The link for this post is using an archive for the article on The Financial Times' website. An archive has no paywall, no subscription requirement, and can be easier to read. The original article, on The Financial Times' website is:

Don’t believe the ‘maximalists’: bitcoin can’t be separated from crypto https://www.ft.com/content/8143dd85-ed05-4219-916e-922b802fe936

Here's the Tweet that kicks off a pretty good rebuttal thread:

#Bitcoin is NOT crypto.

Here’s my take why, in a point-by-point response to this FT article. 👇👇👇

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https://twitter.com/namcios/status/1572927170418454530 [Nitter]

And this is a gem:

Replying to @jemimajoanna

You’ve been FUDing Bitcoin longer than 99.9% of other coins have existed


https://twitter.com/cryptograffiti/status/1573030164757245952 [Nitter]

I like the last comment in the thread (to paraphrase) "The merge has resulted not in the great flippening, but the floppening". We could also call it the crappening of the biggest shitcoin of them all.

Stephen Livera has a rebuttal, on Bitcoin Magazine:

You Can Believe The Maximalists: Bitcoin Is Separate From Crypto https://stacker.news/items/73119 https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/bitcoin-separate-from-crypto

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I could understand this position after the 2017 bull run, as they all had to shill their heavy bags. But today we are at the point where the only viable answer is "cry harder"

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If that is truth, then the human kind just lost their only chance to have real decentralised hard money, nobody can fuck with.

Welcome to the world biggest casino!