It fluctuates too much for that to work. Pricing in bitcoin isn't practical until the price stabilizes. I could, on one hand, price their work on the future value of bitcoin but then they wouldn't be able to use it at all until it reaches that value. On the other hand, I could price everything in today's value of bitcoin and hold it there indefinitely but then I would be overpaying them in the future. If I adjusted the prices every day, week, or month, that might be more equitable but its also cumbersome and its easy to fall back to just using the spot price when its time to pay. If I price everything in bitcoin, that's a great idea but given I would need to adjust it every day or week, I'll quickly forget to update it and will again fall back to using the spot price.
One approach I tried was to ask them to send me an invoice using alby which requires them to calculate the number of sats. This hasn't worked out as well as I had hoped, they just forget to bill me for their work.
I'm trying to motivate 4 kids between 3rd and 7th grade.
I know is hard to let go the "fiat price mentality" but is a must. I was in the same situation few years ago and always I was in a continuous frustratikn doing calculations etc until I said fuck it, this fiat is useless. So I start doing it the way around, fiat --> sat, in my mind and slowly my frustration was gone.
All this come from our "trained" mind forced to think only in fiat amount. As old users is very hard for us to get rid of it. Don't let your kids to fall in the same thinking as us. They are our future.
You are doing great job with them. Well done! May the Bitcoin be with them and with you!