I came across

  • Core Lightning
  • LND
  • Acinq
  • Rust lightning

which is the most stable in terms of code security and features.

LND - more solutions / wallets adopted / can use it, but has too many bugs, clogs, conflicts. CLN - light, fast, less features (but you can use plugins without changing the core code), less apps use it directly, less wallet apps, code is more fine tuned and therefore is not so buggy Acinq - stable, dedicated to specific apps / solutions, less wallet apps support it, I think is a bit under appreciated because was shadowed by LND and CLN Rust - good, I didn't test it on a dedicated node, but I like how it works in Electrum with trampoline channels

You have also Immortan implementation, that is also under rated. Is a light LN node implementation in SBW, but should have more attention on it.

For businesses I recommend CLN For playing around and learning - LND If you do specific apps, try Acinq If you write mobile apps, try Immortan If you create a desktop app try Rust.

Each one have its own flavor.

On this aspect I find very funny and on point this meme: monkey-figh-wallets.jpg

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There's also the LNP-node: https://github.com/LNP-WG/lnp-node

Yes, indeed.

Thank you for the detailed explanation

Are there any mobile wallets that support CLN?, I happen to read it supports BOLT12.

Yes, you have Spark, Zeus and Fully Noded. I am still wondering why on Earth, Blockstream still didn't include LN on their Green wallet?

BTW, I wrote an extensive article about LN wallets comparison here.

I tried Zeus wallet, but it requires to run a self hosted lightning node. Is there a way a I can connect to a trusted node

I think you still don't understand how LN works. There's no such thing as "trusted" node for LN, other than YOURS.

Also Zeus can work with LNDHUB wallets/accounts (lntxbot, lnbits), so no need for a home node.

If you do not want / can't run your own home node, then you will have to use a semi-custodial wallet for LN or use Blixt, Breez, SBW, Electrum, that are LN nodes on your own mobile.

Please read and pay attention to all details I wrote in that article about LN wallet. Here is an additional one: https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/getting-started-ln

I've been looking to run lightning node myself in a RaspberryPI, but most of them require the user to run a full bitcoin node.

Is there a way to avoid that, and if possible use mempool.space API's as a replacement for Bitcoin node

You are still talking about many different things without understanding how these things works.

most of them require the user to run a full bitcoin node.

A desktop LN node cannot run without a full bitcoin node! Yes, nevertheless there are LN nodes that can run with a remote full bitcoin node, as I just mention to you (but seems you do not pay attention): Blixt, Breez, Electrum, SBW. But those are mobile LN nodes, except Electrum and Blixt (Mac) that are also desktop light LN nodes.

use mempool.space API's as a replacement for Bitcoin node

mempool have nothing to dowith replacement of a bitcoin node. mempool READS the data from a bitcoin node. And is not really necessary to run it.

Man, you really have to read more about how nodes and LN nodes works. Start here, read every day something new: bitcoin.page lightning.how darthcoin.substack.com

Sorry, I was confused with a few stuff in LN.

Thanks for your patience

Patience is key. I don't mind answering your questions, but is good when you have a good base of knowledge (no need for advanced one), from where you can ask specific questions. Otherwise we have to start from the beginning explaining and that will be quite wasting time, when there's so much documentation out there to read.

Read, learn the base and start slowly advancing.

You forgot Electrum and Immortan.