I spent the last few weeks of '21 researching ranking algorithms, but I thought I'd pay off some technical debt and introduce some features before proceeding with ranking.

  1. a daily discussion thread
    • the underlying generic is a pin which can be recurring or not
    • eventually mods of substacks will have a UI to create these
  2. post and comment drafts (thanks to the user, forget who, that requested this)
    • we save any un-submitted posts or comments to local storage now
    • so if you accidentally navigate away from the page or something, you won't lose your work
  3. when you post a new post it takes you to 'recent'
    • the hope here is it encourages users to upvote more recent content
  4. you can no longer see the wallet balances of other users
    • the mvp shipped with these because I didn't anticipate people using this thing so much
    • thanks to @supertestnet for threatening me with violence over this
  5. backend upgrade: added a job queue
    • before we were spinning up a process that would poll lnd and sleep ... this was a ship it fastest implementation ... now we use a job queue
    • this enabled the daily discussion thread, but will also allow us to distribute a bunch of periodic tasks that shouldn't run alongside the web servers

#2 was me :)

Ah, I should've known! Thanks!

Let's flip Reddit mfs!

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The #4 bullet point 😂

I've never seen them so upset lol