One hill I will die on as a founder is meeting users where there are, rather than where I want them to be. Would it be great if everyone realized the value of SN without using it and was willing to load up a wallet with sats right away? Sure, but they don't (and the data proves it). Hence, greeter mode.

Off by default, if you toggle on 'greeter mode' in settings you will see free posts/comments created by new users. As a greeter, you are doing the community a service by screening new users. When you upvote their posts/comments, you make them visible to non-greeters and give the new users sats to spend.

One of my favorite stories I hear from SN folks is "I signed up with no sats and now I have 10k+." I want to hear this more.


  • We've removed the image/link multiplier. Conditional costs are more confusing than they're worth. And now that we have negative feedback and greeter mode, it has minimal impact. Plus, we think it'll be more straightforward to increase base posting costs should we need to rather than make it conditional.
  • small one but bios will no longer appear on the homepage. They'll still appear in recent, but not create noise on the homepage.


  • fix ~jobs economics because that shit is broke on a chicken and egg problem
  • refine search

I enabled it but don't see anything new/different in the home page.

It would be cool to have a toggle in the front page where i can select between different discovery modes: Top news, Greeter, Random or whatever, rather than having to go to settings to change this. You probably made this decision for a particular reason, just some thoughts, and great work!

We did it this way because free posts/comments are a spam vector, so we really only want users to opt-in to it and not see it accidentally.

You will see new users with a label as "freebie".

Greeter mode seems cool, just turned it on. Is there a logo or something designating if a post is a free post by a new user?

Yeah, it'll say "freebie" next to it

Can I see somewhere the new members I "sponsored" through invite links?

No, but that's a good idea! I'll add it to github

This is great but how do people become aware of this? Imagine in a week when this post is no longer on the frontpage how will people know about this important feature? greeter mode

I suspect the type of user interested in using this feature are the same type of user who visits their settings page. If that isnโ€™t the case, weโ€™ll adjust accordingly.

greeter mode enabled ๐Ÿปto new members

This is awesome. Great work man.

I think a bit part of the future of LN is onboarding users directly who earn their first sats rather than purchase them.


Favorite website rn

What a great site this is.

It's really a pity that it's only spring once a year and we as humans only have so many years per life.

Every fall I'm sitting here thinking about what plants to grow next year and want to try out more stuff, more species etc.

Greeter mode activate! Sats cannon aimed and ready to fire!

Thank you for meeting ppl where they are - it's hard to do but let markets market!

Also love the 'upcoming' updates - it's nice to see where we're heading!

i like this. enabled.

Lets go!