Chicken and egg problems are hard. Few people post ~jobs because few people come to us looking for jobs, because few people post ~jobs with us, because few people come to us looking for jobs, and so on.

In an effort to make posting a job more attractive, which will hopefully get more people coming here to look for jobs, jobs can now be posted for a flat cost and the sats/min fee is optional. The sats/min now only applies to jobs that want to be ranked above other jobs, ie they want to promote their job.

Additionally, jobs that aren't actively being promoted are "stopped" (meaning hidden) after 30 days.

That's about it. Over the next few days I'm going to do some random stuff then probably start refining search next week.


Great work as always!

It would be cool to see one off programming tasks featured as well.


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i am in the middle of a career transition again now and i really would like to work in this space. the problem is that nobody is hiring anything other than developers. nobody is looking for product/project/program people.

Check @moneyball's AMA post. He thinks right now adding PM's adds more value than a single increment of developers, because they focus teams.

Best of luck in your search! Don't settle.

At small companies, I suspect those roles are usually filled by people with warm intros/personal connections rather than through applications. Do you attend Bitcoin conferences or meetups? Absent moving to a Bitcoin startup hub (hint hint Austin), I suspect those kind of things are likely your best bet until we get into a bull market again.

Best site ever

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Would something like a code issue bounty be appropriate for the jobs board?

Example: I am currently working on a project and am struggling to make my website layout responsive on mobile. I am sure for somebody with some experience this would be a 2 minute job. So I think something like 5000 sats could be okay.

But since I only see "real" jobs on ~jobs, I didn't think of posting something like this there.

I think posting small bounties would be very cool!

What do you think?

Also, such small, one-time jobs don't really fit the template to fill out when posting on ~jobs

True. I think there’s something there and we should support that.

Feel free to post it now though if you want.

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Posting smaller "jobs" would make the jobs section extremely noisy and take away from the value of real job posts. Honestly I think a lot of people would stop visiting the page if it would will up with these smaller kinds of gigs. I know I would at least.

Yes, I also agree. "Tasks" sounds great as @k00b mentioned! Job is not the correct wording.

That’s true. We could maybe provide tasks in another area.

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Much better idea. Tasks should be a completely new category.

I started to dig deeper into this and have made some progress now.

Learned about media queries etc. yesterday

The effect of "before asking a question, you research more to not embarrass yourself", lol

Jobs that pay in sats to workers that use a nym. Oh, what about social security? Fuck that ponzi. Oh what about health care?

Not sure if you notice, but people today do not want to work or having a decent job that pays in BTC.

They just want to have "passive income sats"... the shitcoin mentality twisted their minds in such way that cannot exit from this state of "doing nothing, just earn some sats".

So maybe that's why job posters are not coming in hoards to post on SN offers.

Just think about that. Maybe we need here more "serious" readers. I am sure there are others that not even registered but still read SN. But are few.

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I rap for my sats.

Damn, I've seen a good long rhyme on bitcoin reddit similar to Lose yourself from Eminem.

Wanted to post it here and ask but can't find it anymore

Haha, found it!

my palms are sweaty. pounds weak, my bags are heavy. Memories of 2008, never forgetti. We nervous, but on the surface bitcoin looks hard and ready, to hold value, but we keep on forgetting what the nodes allow, the old crowd won’t endow, we open our mouths, but the truth they won’t avow, look at inflation now, everybody’s hoping now, fiat’s time is up, over, blaowl! Snap back to reality, oh there goes the currency, oh here comes the planet’s only hope, it ain’t bad and it won’t give up that easy, no, it won’t have it it knows this whole blockchain can’t choke, it don’t matter, it’s dope. We know that, but we’re broke while bitcoin is so stagnant


LOL people still use that garbage reddit?

Yes, for funny comments. I knew I will get judged, haha

Kind of a tangent but I agree people don’t seem super enthusiastic about work, particularly when purchasing power is decreasing among the working class. Nonetheless, there are people who work diligently even if they’re in the minority.

Re: SN. Only 2% of people visiting SN contribute. The rest just “lurk.”

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Awww yeah never felt so good to be in the 2%

What do you mean with contribute? Register and comment? Or does registering already count as contributing?

when can we get links to SN comments? so that I can post it to SN and trigger snception. I think this comment is interesting by itself.

Just click on your comment title and you get this link

ah ok, just realized nevermind!

"passive income sats" is a PoS mentality.

We work for our sats!

You can get passive sats with bitcoin by mining. You have to invest at least a whole coin in miners to make it worthwhile. If you live in or have access to an area with cheap energy it's a no-brainer. Otherwise find a host that ideally accepts bitcoin (surprisingly hard to find) so that you never leave the ecosystem. The more people do this, the more mining stays decentralized.

Mining in a cold climate is between free to profitable if you consider the miner itself a sunk cost of living (like part of the house).

Even paying grid prices at $0.13/kwh your heat is free, and at $0.20/kwh a 100TH S19 is about the same cost as heating your house with propane.

S19 pro Miner cost: $1900 Wattage: 3250 MBTUH/Month (heat): 8.0 Profitability @ $0.20/KWH: -$190 Profitability @ $0.12/KWH: -$2.90

Average high efficiency hydrocarbon furnace: 95% Furnace input/mo: 8.4 MBTUH

Therms/mo Nat Gas: 84 $/therm: $0.25 Equivalent heat cost with nat gas: $21

Gal/mo propane (lpg): 92 $/gal-lpg: $2 Equivalent heat cost with lpg: $184 Note: during a cold month a dwelling could use more than 500 gallons of propane, so a single miner would only be supplemental heat At average winter electricity prices of less than $0.12/kwh (no profitability) you would save around $200/mo (on propane) per miner with its waste heat

I misread the faqs on natural gas prices, it's actually $0.64/therm (page 2) which changes the equivalent mining heat cost with natural gas to $54/mo