Strike is killing it. Going after the small markets where Lightning will have the most impact first.

Has JM elaborated on why ETH/USDT vs a more Bitcoin-centric solution? Or is this merely a baby step?

No bitcoin support, just USDT. Strike is becoming a bank for stablecoins.

This article is completely false. User balances are held as USDT. It's powered by Bitcoin and ⚡️, not by USDT. Users can send/receive onchain or on ⚡️ just like all other Strike users. Jack has explained how Strike works many times. is probably the worst source to get information about Bitcoin. Be careful there, it will try to trick you into one of the failed forks...

Maybe they will use stablecoins instead of BTC? SC has the stability advantage and very few care about the negatives.

The Argentina Stable Coin is not that stable. Argentina is plagued with a history of economic turmoil and uncertainty. Inflation will reach 55% this year. GDP will contract by 12% this year. There have been 8 currency crises since the central bank was founded. Half the population is already living in poverty.

Of course I mean USDT or something similar.