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No completely different, tipybit.com and tippin.me are for bitcoiners who already understand the lightning network and want to receive tips, but what I’m thinking is for a bitcoiner to tip a non-bitcoiner in the easiest way possible. Where you can on-board them in seconds without getting them to download a lightning wallet right on the spot.

I’m thinking something as simple as I fund an LN invoice and it immediately creates a QR Code with a shallow wallet where the receiver scans the QR code sees the tip and claims it via their phone number and is assigned to the wallet (up until this point the wallet is fully custodial for the receiver) until they learn to download a lightning wallet and withdraw the funds into their custody.

The one important part is that in case the user does not withdrawal their Sats in a x period of time then they are returned back to the sender’s wallet.

Here's the progress on the project 😎

We've worked on it for 2 weeks already

Week 1 - https://stacker.news/items/82384 Wee 2 - https://stacker.news/items/84937

Would love to hear any feedback you have.

I just posted an update on week 3 of our progress https://stacker.news/items/87590

Also just loaded 1000 sats for you to test it out yourself https://lgt.st/rf