Put bluntly, the only way as a security professional you would endorse this as a valid "privacy coin", let alone push it out to your huge user base, is if you were faced with a dump-truck full of money.

I would be very surprised if Moxie didn't receive a dump truck of money from Intel for using SGX. I believe Signal also uses SGX for (supposedly) preventing Signal or a third party from knowing an account's contacts.

Did you see he bought a huge house?

I hadn't seen that but just found this article on it when searching: https://www.dirt.com/gallery/moguls/tech/signal-moxie-marlinspike-house-los-angeles-1203414449/moxie9/

Wow, very different tastes than what I would expect from a privacy advocate.

Not a great source.

Also, I believe he was a multi millionaire well before Signal and MobileCoin. This isn't clear smoking gun.