Ready for open beta testing by all of Peertube. Allows viewers of video content to send Sats to video creators with a message or stream sats every 60 seconds of content. Public beta instance at available for any users or creators who would like to try it out.
PeerTube creators can take part by adding their lightning address somewhere in the channel description or support text using the format ⚡ . Works with a variety of wallets so far in testing, works best with getalby addresses because they support keysend which allows full boostagram metadata. Viewers on any PeerTube instance with the Lightning plugin installed will be able to send the creator Sats when viewing their videos.
PeerTube sysops can install the lightning plugin from the plugin menu to allow their users to monetize content from any federated instance. Term used is configurable for the site, tip, boost, superchat, magic spell, etc
Users are suggested to get a browser plug in for ease of use, but scanning QR codes or pasting addresses is supported.
Basically this is just copying what the V4V movement has brought to audio podcasting to self-hosted video. Monetization without ads, tracking, or paywalls.
Suggestions, bug reports, and comments welcome.
Curious, when not logged into my account I can't even see this post. guess spending SATs on boosting the post was negatively effective.
even more curious, it does show up if i search for it when not logged in to this account, but the comment doesn't.
Got it sorted out
Honestly, login with Lightning or Nostr could fix the biggest issue with the fediverse (accounts living on individual servers)
Login with lightning is on the roadmap for the plug-in.
This is great!
Now what's needed is for SN to add the ability to embed a Peertube video, and then most posts of Peertube can happen (whereas currently without that, Youtube videos are the norm even when a Peertube of the same video is available).