Avoiding nuclear war is most important agenda, more than bitcoin.

Maybe hyperbitcoinization is best way to avoid nuke war long-term?

It was a good article

I would need to verify (not trust) certain of the assumptions

Humans have the genetic potential to live for 1 million generations

But the psychological potential for maybe only 10

We need to reduce and eliminate these weapons and the incentives around them and make war unaffordable

"hOW dARe YOu PUTIn APoLogiST"

Focusing on the nuclear blast zone is fearporn. Also, only the US has 300kTon bombs. Russia's MIRV warheads are 20 times the yield of minuteman missiles, so the figures are all inaccurate for English speaking readers. Then there is the logistics of a nuclear attack. At any one time, only 30% of the ICBMs are ready to be launched. This means the initial attack will be focused on strategic targets such as economic centers and high population areas. If you don't live your life with a target painted on your head and live in an unpopulated area, you should inform yourself how to survive an attack. The most important detail is you should not stand outside and watch the explosion. Its best to find somewhere behind a hill, in a ditch or in a basement so you aren't exposed to the X-ray and gamma radiation blast. You likely are outside the blast radius, which decays with the cube of warhead yield, so the higher yield warheads doesn't necessarily mean you will be deaf the rest of your life. MIRV means there are up to 11 warheads in each ICBM, so the single blast scenerio is also unlikely. Its strange they would mention minuteman missiles without mentioning these too are MIRV. Nonetheless, you need an escape route planned and be ready to take whatever you need to a safer place. Assuming your vehicle is still functional after the EMP, you need to move somewhere that is not downwind of the blast. You need to be somewhere that is winterized to protect your air against contamination. If you don't have one of these, then find a way to cover and seal your windows if they have been blown out by the blast. Cans of expanding foam, sheets of vapor barrier, extra drywall or plywood will help. The key is to seal off broken windows before the contaminated air floats past your house. Be sure to have hand tools and drywall screws because your power tools might be fried. All surface water and soil will be unusable, so you might be fortunate enough have food and water stored away to survive long enough to go outside again. The point being, a nuclear war doesent necessarily mean you will be dead. You might have enough warning, maybe months, before you actually need to protect yourself against a nearby target. You might wish you were dead, but you should count yourself fortunate to be a progenitor of the next civilization. Let's get back to reality. The purpose of this war with Russia is not to set off nuclear bombs. If they can stoke up this fear in the public, they don't need to fire one bullet. Fear is their goal, not mutually assured death. Though they care little for life, their primary tool is fear.

страх перед печатью новых $ порадил биткоин. страх выжить в лютый холод порадил огонь... малолюдная страна а какой потенциал... время все поставит на свои места...

Nothing like a feel good article to start the week.