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Theoretically this would make Stacker News obsolete. Because any news site could just connect to the browser extension.

But the benefit of having the lightning as part of the site itself is that i can use it on mobile too.

Also, do we know if the metamask model has really worked yet? I think a lot of people don’t like the UX of needing an Extension for a website to be usable. is about discovery. even though we make payments easier from the consumer to the creator I think there will always be need for good discovery platforms.

The discovery aspect is unrelated to my comment, though.

A website like Reddit or Hacker News could hook into Alby web extension API and get the same thing. That's what I was saying.

Yep I use Stacker News a lot on mobile. I saved it to my home screen so it's like a native app.

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nice! thanks for the video! btw. plebpay would even work better if it directly implemented webln. then there would not be any need for the QR code. the website could directly request the payment through webln. (some JavaScript code)

I made PlebPay with Jack and a designer at Strike for an ongoing internal hackathon we're having at Strike. The purpose of the hackathon is to build stuff with the Strike API. Dogfooding and open sourcing all our projects so people have examples of how to use the API.

I've never worked with webln before. I took a look at the docs, but it's not clear to me how I could get it to work with Strike as a provider. Also, most of the traffic to PlebPay has been on mobile so far. I think about 80% of the traffic has been on mobile devices.

I love it how this integrates nicely with my Blue Wallet. 👍

Finally there is an extension like this. Works perfectly.

Are you working for Alby? :)