So we have search now. It's pretty basic but it's just minimum viable search. I will iterate it into something better with time like everything else.

The goal was to add simple search without having to overhaul the UI to support it.

Over the next few days I'll probably be doing the following:

  1. make web of trust live (seems to be performing well)
  2. enhancing basic design stuff
  3. other small enhancements I can fit into a couple hours of here or there work

If you have anything you specifically want along those lines, list them out in the comments and I'll try to prioritize them!

After that, we'll begin working on our first sub. I'll probably ask for the board's feedback on which sub we should add sometime next week - we're considering like 4 options.

158 sats \ 4 replies \ @kr 28 Jan

Would love to see the first sub being a lightning native job board as a replacement for the bitcoinerjobs link that exists today. I think that makes the most sense for three reasons.

  1. It's weird to have an external link to another company on the main stacker news menu

  2. Stacker News has all the tools to build a job board that's much more responsive and accessible for job posters. Many companies pay over $100/posting to other boards to be included on a chronological list of jobs, with no ability to customize a post's visibility. We can do better.

  3. This could be a great revenue source for stacker news and/or a great incentive to become a stacker news user. Job posters could pay stacker news to have their job listings rank above other posters, and a portion of that money (maybe all of it at first) could go back to stacker news users in proportion to their web of trust ranking.

111 sats \ 2 replies \ @nout 28 Jan
  • I would love to see (semi-)automated sub for podcasts, where each episode automatically creates a new post and we can have conversations under it right away. Sats would go automatically to the podcaster and their node (e.g. their Fountain account). If some episode gains a lot of traction it could show up in the main SN sub. @kr, wouldn't that be really cool functionality to have? It would be additional stream of sats to you next to value4value and it would be nice place to interact about the episode content.

  • It would be great to just have the devlists emails and render them nicely. That said I think this actually could be a feature separate from subs, since it doesn't make much sense to have tipping on it, etc. The email threads have a bit different UI needs...

31 sats \ 1 replies \ @kr 28 Jan

yeah that podcast idea could be really cool on stacker news. it's hard to discover new podcasts from lightning podcasters so many just end up sharing them on the main stacker news feed (myself included), but the data provided by the podcast index could allow stacker news to automatically pull titles from podcasts with lightning tips enabled.

i agree on the devlist idea too, would be a nice thing to have but probably shouldn't be formatted as a ranked forum.

The dev lists would be time ranked instead, but the discussions are still "trees" like our discussions. They're even often formatted as markdown.

@nout As for tips, we could still allow tipping, creating accounts for the devs with their emails and they can claim the tips by signing in with their emails.

10 sats \ 0 replies \ @gmd 30 Jan

fantastic idea!!!

20 sats \ 2 replies \ @nout 30 Jan

Some well meant and hopefully constructive feedback on search:

  • Currently the response is a bit slow after I hit enter and there is no clear indication that the page registered my query. It made me wonder whether I did not click correctly.
  • On the search results page the searched string could be highlighted
  • I'm not a big fan of the bottom position:fixed button and a bar on desktop. The sticky circle button breaks the feel of SN being this fast, static page. The bottom position of search is unexpected (on desktop). On Mobile it works ok and the position is good (i.e. it's easy to reach with your thumb and on Android it's common to have FABs).
  • The loading indicator should appear at the top of the screen as usual. Your eye might be on the search bar at the bottom though, so perhaps something should be done about that.
  • Definitely plan to do this.
  • Eventually, search will probably go in the navbar (at least on desktop). It's a pretty serious exercise moving everything around though so I punted it.

Taken as intended. It all makes sense to me

After that, we'll begin working on our first sub

Sub, as in like a SubReddit?

Will it be named a Substacker?

Yep! I think we're going with substack 'cause it's shorter or maybe just sub.

URL might look like$<sub name> and then we might have subs of subs where they inherit the "parent" sub's rules and post types and stuff.

We discussed it quite a bit here:

Would I be wrong to presume that Substack Inc. (the email newsletter subscription service) has trademarked their name?

laws smaws!

13 sats \ 1 replies \ @gmd 30 Jan

Would it be sacrilegious to have a shitcoin sub? Might be fun to attract some WSB-style traffic from the degens...

20 sats \ 0 replies \ @nout 30 Jan

There could be a general sub with any topic fair game...

Looks like search is not attempting to find a match against the URL of a Link post -- not even the domain name.

e.g., search on

The search results will include Link posts with in the title, Discussion posts with in either the title or the description, or a comment or reply with anywhere (including where the is part of a URL). But search results will not include a Link post where the only is in that link post's URL.

You might already be aware of this exclusion, but if not I wanted to share it here. I can create an issue in the Github repo for it, if that is warranted.

I’m aware of it. It does warrant an issue.

10 sats \ 0 replies \ @ajm 30 Jan

Nice touch on the search. Super helpful.

I'm finding this search to be very useful!

And am pleasantly surprised that searching for something like covid19 also includes COVID.

However, when I search for BIP119, I get all other BIPs in the results as well.

I tried what I thought would do "exact search", "BIP119" (using quotes) but the search results did not differ. Fortunately, my browser does highlighting of matches when doing a page search, so I was able to easily find what I was looking for. But some method to indicate exact search would be preferable.

Is there some way to do an exact search?

Not yet. I’ll see what I can do. Changing the query is kind of easy.

11 sats \ 1 replies \ @nout 28 Jan

I tried search with my username and that didn't return results that would include my username:

It looks like your name is a fuzzy match for not. I'll have to tune it by allow exact matches (unfuzzed) to rank higher. Searching for mine works

It doesn't turn up my posts yet because I don't search the user name field, but it's indexed so I should be able to allow that kind of search later.

Okay ... who else looked at all the top menu items, the drop down menu, etc, ... before noticing the yellow magnifying glass search tool in the bottom right corner?

Search tool icon

Oh, and I see if I scroll the the bottom of the page, the search field appears and the cursor is there already. Cool, no mouse move necessary!

16 sats \ 2 replies \ @nout 28 Jan

Yep :) I expected to see "search" label somewhere on top...

The goal was to add simple search without having to overhaul the UI to support it.

Putting in the navbar or something would've sucked.

10 sats \ 0 replies \ @nout 29 Jan

@k00b, is that a pin icon?

(just joking...)