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What is NOSTR? I keep seeing this term

Here. Let me google that for you https://nostr.com/

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Kevin Rooke Video about NOSTR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXd0vLTw6NA

Everybody runs a client. It can be a native client, a web client, etc. To publish something, you write a post, sign it with your key and send it to multiple relays (servers hosted by someone else, or yourself). To get updates from other people, you ask multiple relays if they know anything about these other people. Anyone can run a relay. A relay is very simple and dumb. It does nothing besides accepting posts from some people and forwarding to others. Relays don't have to be trusted. Signatures are verified on the client side.

Tried to use it and some pop up box told me to paste some pubkey string I have no idea what it's referring to. Terrible UX.

It works as a PWA, now we have an android client!

great job!!

Pasted pubkey, but seems to be loading forever?

Tried on different browsers, different VMs, with and without nos2x.

Apparently you need to set a nostr relay for it to work, which can't be done in this app at the moment but can be done in other nostr apps like astral (https://astral.ninja/)

You mean a kind 2 message to set a "recommended relay"?

Tried adding it in astral and use the same pubkey in damus web, still loading forever

1echo '["REQ", "subid", { "authors": ["d458f657c5a884ef6fa53cbb56d2c18db550e6f95ddb480e08cde6e0b255df44"] } ]' | websocat wss://nostr-relay.wlvs.space | jq -c '.[2]' 2 3{"id":"382d4abfc134c9660b500cc81103ef618c9bb32286c2174e922bd9559f89451c","pubkey":"d458f657c5a884ef6fa53cbb56d2c18db550e6f95ddb480e08cde6e0b255df44","created_at":1668674361,"kind":2,"tags":[],"content":"wss://nostr-pub.wellorder.net","sig":"6d6b92e26601df6c555cd14d087969fa8fb846fe96da1190491ba2e1c0d013e9b7f5cf975429e00ddbb31e80a126fc46d25cef21f6c9557cfca0cd6aaee9bbea"} 4 5{"id":"a80159589e0e9caa66d75b05e33e3a03c45011e1caae637a084f8761fda8a3f9","pubkey":"d458f657c5a884ef6fa53cbb56d2c18db550e6f95ddb480e08cde6e0b255df44","created_at":1668674601,"kind":2,"tags":[],"content":"wss://relay.damus.io","sig":"d396e3cc06dbcc11656b1e72377c102f82229be9e94d9d61892073804f23d4841906f66bc9c49547b358ce6d7df00120c828fb763b477e2172fe5320cd3eb144"}

What is

I pasted my main Nostr public key but it seems stuck at loading. But I'm not even mad.