Went to Lurray last week. There's only so much you can learn from statistics and maps. First thing I noticed about the local businesses was how the receipts have two prices on them. The price you pay if you pay with card and the price you pay if you pay with cash. You better believe I paid with cash.

If it were anyone else, this would be difficult. The "bar"/restaurant I went to (the second of the 2 businesses I had the time for that day) was filled with out-of-town tourist customers. Without tourists, the town is actually pretty empty. This means it's difficult to get to know any actual locals since they don't really have a social gathering place.

Except that of course they do. Like I said, if this were anyone else, this might be difficult, but having been raised in a small town I know the way people to get know each other is from church. So, I'm going to church this weekend!