Last week a bunch of SN users shared their latest work projects, and once again, this topic became one of the most popular SN discussions to date.

Since day one, Stacker News has always been a place for Bitcoin builders to connect, so let's keep the builder discussions going.

Leave a comment below to let the SN community know what you're building this week & how other users can help out.


This like our daily developer standup!!๐Ÿ˜€

We launched as a community tool. Adding a few more fun tools over the coming weeks!! Its a simple app at the moment but we will slowly buidl

Working on the final project submission for mutiny web! Ben Paul and I were up till 2am at Pleb Lab getting the final touches and mainnet deployment to work. Super excited about what we've been able to accomplish. Some teaser here

๐Ÿ‘all the hard work is paying off! congrats guys! so inspiring to a lot of us!

Mutiny web looks awesome! A dreaming tool for bitcoiners...

I just finished editing a tutorial video about; if you don't know it yet, go and check it out, its worth it.

My video will be published in 3 hrs (aprox)

But is platform where the Bitcoiners can give SATS or orange pill friends or any one on the streets and if this person is not interested in Bitcoin, you will recovery the SATS you gave.


Went to Lurray last week. There's only so much you can learn from statistics and maps. First thing I noticed about the local businesses was how the receipts have two prices on them. The price you pay if you pay with card and the price you pay if you pay with cash. You better believe I paid with cash.

If it were anyone else, this would be difficult. The "bar"/restaurant I went to (the second of the 2 businesses I had the time for that day) was filled with out-of-town tourist customers. Without tourists, the town is actually pretty empty. This means it's difficult to get to know any actual locals since they don't really have a social gathering place.

Except that of course they do. Like I said, if this were anyone else, this might be difficult, but having been raised in a small town I know the way people to get know each other is from church. So, I'm going to church this weekend!

Just got Android Bitcoin Price Ticker app published on Playstore. It's a Bitcoin only ticker, no shitcoins! Just working on the widget updates, having problems sending and receiving broadcasts between kotlin classes. Can anyone share a simple example of how to implement this?

If you try the app, keep in mind it's alpha. Bitcoin Ticker app screenshot

Working on Clams, a browser app for controlling your CLN node. Just shipped LNURL Auth, so using that now to login to

I also printed some of those open source Bitcoin for business flyers so that I can give them out at the local farmers market next week. Hopefully I can get a few vendors onboard so I can start using Clams to pay for my produce each week!

Working on stacking sats in Coin Hunt World!

Lower prices means more sats! Love it!

Keep stacking in your own ways friends!

Still learning the fundamentals of html and trying to stack as many sats as I can

Finishing up testing tips affecting ranking. Should ship today.

Then will probably work on the job board a bit.

I am curious, how did you go about learning these ranking and web of trust algorithms? Any particular resources you found useful? Very cool.

Lots of googling and not being afraid of academic research, then following up on the references. Thereโ€™s been a ton of great papers written.

Working hard, stacking sats :)

Thanks for sharing

At the moment, a sort of low code web/app generator.

This like our daily developer standup!!๐Ÿ˜€

We launched as a community tool. Adding a few more fun tools over the coming weeks!! Its a simple app at the moment but we will slowly buidl