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179 sats \ 9 replies \ @gd 16 Nov

Been working on over-the-air updates for CyberHornet Swarm nodes today.

So far I've completed the runtime, state management, versioning, update manifest, and update procedure.

The only thing left is the management service which can listen for new updates and present them to the user for installation when they see fit.

21 sats \ 8 replies \ @kr 16 Nov

what are cyberhornet swarm nodes?

36 sats \ 7 replies \ @gd 16 Nov

CyberHornet is the company I am building ( Swarm is our first product, a full UX refresh on running a Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid node bundled with a whole bunch of other features to make running Bitcoin easy for non-technical people.

Working on the first 0.0.1 release at the moment.

27 sats \ 3 replies \ @layn 17 Nov

Is CyberHornet open source ?

22 sats \ 2 replies \ @gd 17 Nov

It's not open source yet, but the development roadmap is set up to lead it there.

We'll start cloud-hosted, closed source until reasonably stable, but the software will remain free in the business model and ultimately be opened up for contributions and running on your Pi at home, etc.

12 sats \ 1 replies \ @layn 17 Nov

seems really cool ! are you looking for more devs ?

22 sats \ 0 replies \ @gd 17 Nov

The current plan is to start team expansion in Q1 2023, so certainly will be looking out for interesting devs.

Feel free to shoot me an email on gary [at] the domain name listed above.

100 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 16 Nov

very cool!

This is very cool. As you guys progress towards launch, Would love to have you on my podcast.

Something easy like this is needed now more then ever.

0 sats \ 0 replies \ @gd 17 Nov

That sounds fun!

Feel free to shoot me any details by email at gary [at] the domain name above

I'm doing a video tutorial in Spanish about creating and using Electrum wallet on Tails (is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.)

I use tails to access my cold storage wallet. Great OS!

159 sats \ 3 replies \ @satcat 16 Nov

Last week you guys inspired me to start working on a basic BTC ticker Android app: Bitcoin Ticker App

900 sats \ 0 replies \ @satcat 16 Nov

Currently stuck on adding a currency selector. Anyone know of a good example template for currency picker list using kotlin and xml?

You should consider using Flutter, instead of Kotlin. Cross-platform, great support. Currently use in production myself.

Cool, I'll check it out. Hate programming in Obj-C, with Swift hardly better

Trying to enable hybrid mode on my LN node (aka. Tor and clearnet using a proxy).

I use Caddy2 as a reverse proxy for most of my webservices. Anyone know if Caddy can proxy port 9735 used for LN peering? I tried doing:

1:9735 { 2 IP.OF.LN.NODE:9735 3}

But I get errors when connecting to this proxied connection. It appears that the handshake fails or times out. Perhaps due to LN not accepting HTTP.

My fallback is to use raw wiregaurd tunnels, but I really want to use Caddy if possible.

I think your problem is that 9735 is the p2p protocol port. It’s not a webservice like the grpc rest endpoint (don’t remember that port). I’ve only placed my proxy openresty in front of the grpc rest service.

Yeah, it seems caddy is http only. Trying a ufw rule and IP table entry next to forward all traffic on the port. Will definitely write a guide after figuring it out.

208 sats \ 0 replies \ @pillar 16 Nov

I'm trying to set up an LNBits instance on my node (Umbrel) to act as a custodian for family and friends using Bluewallet.

I'm struggling with performance. Right now, I'm setting up the BW config to reach the node through Tor and performance is crap. I'm trying to understand how to potentially reach LNBits through clearnet, or perhaps put the LNBits container on a VPS, to get acceptable performance (hopefully, excellent performance even :)).

I've been working on an lnurl-auth only mobile app, as part of the Legends of Lightning tournament.

Today I got the app published on Appstore and Google Play.

Try it out! Greatly appreciate any feedback 🙏⚡️

I'm working on

A platform to review bitcoin products, and earn sats for doing so.

The idea is for users to surface the highest quality reviews by tipping the reviews / users with sats.

We've just integrated the lightning login.

Biggest help I could ask for is for people to use Apollo and provide any feedback on what they like / dislike about the user experience.

27 sats \ 1 replies \ @Roman 16 Nov

Cool concept for the site.

Nice job implementing Lightning login

Thanks! Let me know if you've got any feedback on the UX

Adding Twitter support on Donate4.Fun

You should hook up with mr. Musk and make that available to all Tweeters.

Thinking the same

10 sats \ 1 replies \ @kr 16 Nov

this is really cool. so anyone who has the donate4fun extension will be able to send sats on twitter? and only the recipient will have to verify their twitter account to collect?


Working on Weimar Artifacts project: mostly related to original bills.

Last one: Gold-backed certificate from Weimar Republic. "21 is enough"


Fiat Channels and Valet app (Simple Bitcoin Wallet fork).

Please, rate us

22 sats \ 1 replies \ @kr 16 Nov

Interesting, can you elaborate more on the trust involved when using a fiat channel?

Fiat channels and hosted channels as well are custodial solution. However, user can always prove that host cheated, plus host has no insight into user's payments. Specifically where they go.

Working on trying to ensure everyone in my circle is self custodying and trying to help people understand the difference between bitcoin and "crypto".

Trying to get into blogging/meetups/faucet creation/node running/Random Stuff.

Currently improving my dreaming BTC page:

Now you can put BTC quantity in sats in the URL in order to dream better!

112 sats \ 0 replies \ @iguano 16 Nov

I'm building a youtube channel, sadly i got banned from /r/lightningnetwork for posting my videos there... sometimes I lose faith in humanity.

I'm doing fully-edited transcripts of Bitcoin podcasts.

There's already hundreds of pages worth done from a wide variety of guests and topics relevant to Bitcoin, but the current one is Conza's Praxeology in One Lesson with Saifedean Ammous

Especially if you know any nocoiners, there are many transcripts here that work well as introductory texts like Lex Fridman and Michael Saylor, Lex Fridman and Saifedean Ammous, and Matt Odell with BitcoinQ_A

i am at school Also study bitcoin

112 sats \ 0 replies \ @Ge 16 Nov

I'm building a community and others up around me if not me then who?? Waited long enough

105 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 16 Nov

this weekend i added a collection of bitcoin wallets to stack sats, next i’ll add a collection of lightning wallets for spending bitcoin

Just built this

For finding blockheight from dates. Simple app for fun

40 sats \ 0 replies \ @k00b 16 Nov

After pushing the sats -> msats record keeping change yesterday, I'm going to be working on letting tip amounts affect ranking.

What are Bitcoin Address Statements? 1HLvaTs3zR3oev9ya7Pzp3GB9Gqfg6XYJT

I have tons of side projects that I work on slowly. Here's a slice of projects I've touched recently:

  • Composing a prog rock album using ternary rhythm (midi demo track).
  • Coding a Nostr client library in Common Lisp.
  • Designing a DIY 9mm handgun, using an action similar to an Heym SR30.
  • Very early design phase for an FPGA-based computer, consisting of one primary FPGA and multiple secondary FPGAs. The primary FPGA would run a Lisp compiler which programs the secondary FPGAs.

ThunderFeeds, the next tool for our web app for v4v podcasters. This will enable podcasters to integrate premium episodes into their existing podcast feeds which can be paid for via Lightning.

You can check out this link for more infos and updates:

I can't believe I've missed the thread. I was so caught up in my cabin project that I literally sacrificed almost all other activities 😅 I gotta work on my time management skills 😉

Not technical, but working on building a Bitcoin community here in New Zealand. We are already making some great progress connecting people in real life with meetups and connecting ideas and projects.

I'm working on stacking more sats. I also ask if they accept Bitcoin as payment, everywhere I go. And I stick up my nose at them when they say "no, what's Bitcoin?".

Community building with Stackchain. All day, everyday. Video interviews, podcasts, conferences, charities, exchanges, and more. It's a wild experience.

Learned a little HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with this project Allows you to get block information via Blockstream's API