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Our vision is bringing bitcoin to the ground and let people touch it via hardware-based applications.


Most bitcoin new users are introduced and helped by a mentor. The near friend or relative that gives trust to this process and brakes the initial barrier. This requires time, a lot of questions and is still something magic for those new because they can not feel it in his hands. Can this be improved?


The OrangePill is small hardware pill that enables a new social mechanism to approach bitcoin from the physical side. The OrangePill lets you onboard, gift, transfer or sell bitcoin in a physical, safe and reusable way. So, after receiving a pill and being onboarded, you can repeat the same process with others.

The OrangePill has two main actors, the sender and the receiver. The sender can store bitcoin without knowing the seed, the receiver can unlock the pill and get the seed. When this is finished, the receiver is able to reboot the pill to do the same with others.

The receiver has basic documentation even an app to do this process accompanied.

Main applications

This mechanism can be used on two main applications:

Onboard new people: using a funny and friendly device to help new people start on bitcoin

Trusted cash device: using a community trusted device to hold bitcoin and use it as cash. Rebooting and refilling it as many times is needed.

How it was built

Both the mobile app and the business platform use LNURL-auth as the core technology for authentication.

Our tech stack:

Hardware: Kicad

Firmware: Arduino / PlatformIO

Web: Wordpress


The team is mainly .

Bitmaker - Business Developer + Hardware Manager

Gzuuus - UI/UX designer


We almost finished our MVP and we plan to make an initial production to have some feedback. We are finishing product casing, epoxy cover and last software tests. We don't need an app by now but pretend to make it to make it easier for new people

Q1/2023 > Make an initial presale + work on basic app

Q2/2023 > Send first batch

Related fresh ideas

The process to create the pill made us grow in knowledge and were planning to design more pills like this with other properties. A black pill with HWwallet capabilities able to sign transactions in an ultrasmall form factor.

👇See it in action here!

Pitch video





Absolutely great idea and execution, I love how you pay attention to the UX!

wow very cool, Just figured out how to use a lightning wallet and use LN Auth so im down the rabbit hole and this seems like a cool next step.

This is an interesting idea. Reminds me of those physical coins (Casascius) we used to see.

Question… Once you generate the seed, how do you send bitcoin to/from it? I’m assuming you need to use a software wallet and use the pill to sign transactions? This wasn’t clear to me after reviewing the website and video.

The most important thing when designing a device for beginners is to make it intuitive so they understand it quickly and don’t feel intimidated.

I would recommend hiring a writer to improve the onscreen instructions/prompts and to help make the steps super clear.

You may have something very useful here. Nice work so far.

Thanks for your opinion. Let's say today's 💊 Status requires initial knowledge from user, but for now is the MVP and don't requires external SW.

Sender uses the 💊 until xpub is generated and then using a SWwallet import it and fund it with BTC.

Receiver unlocks the 💊 and imports the 24 words on a SW Wallet.

On near future we will develope an app for those new

Question… Once you generate the seed, how do you send bitcoin to/from it? I’m assuming you need to use a software wallet and use the pill to sign transactions?

It does not work as an hardware wallet, emulating a keyboard it outputs the xpub and the mnemonic seed. With the first you can check the balance and generate deposit addresses; with the last you can configure a new spending wallet.

I think it’s very useful

Ah, I see. How much do you think this device will retail for?

We are designing to make it as affordable as possible, also open source, the intention is that anyone can buy one or more.

I don't know but it's a good question! You should ask to @gzoo

Looks very interesting! Question: you say you want to use it as cash - how would users know the amount of bitcoin loaded?

When receiver gets a 💊 is able to see it's xpub, so can import it on a wallet to check balance or add funds. We're planning to make an easy app to do this even more easier

at the moment you connect the pill to any device it can promt the xpub of the generated seed and with it check the balance. at the moment this is the case, we plan to improve this by providing some more visual and intuitive tools.

10/10 Would look great encased in resin

yea you get it! epoxy resin ✌️

I want one!

Really really good idea, but the form factor is only partially executed. It needs a 3d printed orange pill shaped case that doesn't need to be disassembled to push the button or plug in the cable

Hi yes! Is still in development. We are implementing an epoxy cover. We want it to feel like a real orange pill

Working on it! 💪‍