Upon defeating the Titans, my brothers and I divided realms. Poseidon the sea, Zeus the sky, and I the Underworld.
Your kingdom, Earth, is a common area to commune. It is possible for your sats to transcend your realm.
Those who enter the Underworld may leave, but they will not be the same. I can bless your sats Black so they are not recognizable as they once were, allowing you to keep your treasury private from thieves and scoundrels.
Open an unnanounced (private) channel to me and only you and I know of our dealings. They will not be made public as they are protected by the Furies and Cerberus as well as my own honor as an Olympian. Take a family phone or that of a friend, download Wallet of Satoshi (WOS), as an example, but do not identify yourself. Make an invoice on WOS for the amount of sats you wish Black. From your node, send the sats using our private channel, to your WOS wallet. They now belong to the Underworld and travel through my realm. The sats travel from the Underworld to WOS or through additional channels and eventually to the wallet you created. Send the sats from WOS, on-chain, to the bitcoin address of your choosing, like a hardware wallet. WOS charges a fee for this service so make it a worthy transaction. The sats you receive are now blessed by Hades, unrecognizable by their journey through the Underworld. Delete the WOS app and return the phone to your mommy. You may now retreat to your basement dwelling and play Fortnite. You can grip your hardware wallet at night in your pale hand and smell the sulphur of Hades.