Your choices are half chance. And so are everybody else's. What are you thankful for?


I'm thankful for the bitcoin community and friends that I've made along the way.

Thankful for life, nature, friends, family and most importantly the bitcoin, ethereum, bnb and other blockchains. Just hope it can achieve higher adoption in the nearest future.

Thankful for family, friends, and the fact that Bitcoiners all around the world feel like both family and friends within minutes of meeting IRL!

Believing a better future world is possible if built on a foundation of sound money, and hodling through the volatility until that future is reality, forms a special bond. It's an amazing thing to experience. Thankful for the opportunities to meet more Bitcoiners around the world in 2023!

Could not have said it better myself. Cheers!!


Thankful for the Bitmains and the Whatsminers. Thankful for the Samourai's and the Wasabi's. Thankful for the LNDs and the CLNs.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!

Thankful for smart, motivated, friends.

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Thankful to experience this thing we call life. No one knows where we came from or where we are going but it truly is an amazing experience

"It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it's called Life." -Terry Pratchett

I'm thankful for Bitcoin, because otherwise I'd probably be working in machine learning (which I find unsatisfying because it's relatively undetermined).

What kind of work have you done using ML?

Not much tbh, but it's what I went to college intent on studying. Then I had a bad AI prof, decided AI was relatively permissioned (need access to lots of data), got a job doing distributed systems, and sort of lost touch with the goal.

Then in 2016 when I was ready to course correct, it was ML or Bitcoin. I didn't end up working on Bitcoin stuff until last year though.

Ever thought about the intersection of both topics?

Not really

I'm also thankful for information and all the ways we've managed to store and share it. I'd be so bored otherwise.

Also, I'm thankful I just found the huge memory leak that's been plaguing SN for a year. What a relief.

What was it??

A server side graphql cache that wasn’t getting cleared. Obvious in retrospect but I thought the object was being deleted when it wasn’t.

Family, family, family. Not everyone has it.

A prayer to those who have no one to pray for them.

Loneliness can be deadly.

I’m thankful for Satoshi and everyone who has worked on Bitcoin.

Cold storage

биткоин подарил еще одну идею! Твой ДНК далеко способен хранить?