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I got to almost 0 sats here... again :)


i am grant i am 5

i think that bicoin is alot of money

Hello! How did you find out about bitcoin?

my dad told me it

You realize that you are talking with a "father" actually...


windows 11 is kinda bad!

yeah it breaks sooooooooo many little things. I discovered today it broke my VPN. VPN only works on wifi. Kinda weird...

inability to not combine items on the taskbar 😠😠😠

Messing around with card generator at 😉 Yesterday I've managed to do some refactoring & add a christmas card format.

Today I'll do some testing and then I'll publish the changes.

Have a good one!

christmas card prototype

I made a to do list for all the things I could do over the 4 day weekend and after two days I haven't done any of them, but I did keep very busy yesterday, including some writing, and a little bit of soul searching. I do expect to get to SOME of the things on my list today. At least prepping for the podcast I'm doing tonight at 8:30pm Eastern, Saturday Night LIT.

Michigan +8.5 FTW

Harbaugh's finally turned the ship around.

He performed a miracle turning the program around at Stanford. Too bad we suck again :(

Is today the day that hits 100k items?

не знаю... но сеть растёт быстро... очень быстро.

another day, another small step towards financial sovereignity through sound money

This nice little Saturday I think I'll relax and let it all flow, feels like good things are coming.

я бы хотел иметь кнопку для того что б игнорировать мусорный контент? как это реализовать тут?

quite random but these tunes would be playing at every bitcoin conference, meeting or everything else:

The saying "count your money" gets a new meaning through Bitcoin.