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How much does a small ZAP?
Democracy is about far more than just a vote. It's about the fundamental freedoms of expression, religion, sexuality, and much more.
I think it might help, but it's not a definitive solution. It can help detect fraud and improve efficiency, but the problem is structural and that's harder to solve. The economy needs inflation, say 2%, but with the massive printing of money, it's difficult to keep it at acceptable levels. Only time will tell.
Interesting topic. I've heard about these spiritual retreats and have read both positive and negative reviews. In your opinion, what are the benefits and risks of trying one?
Thank you for shedding such light on this important topic. City life can be incredibly draining and challenging for children. I grew up in a village and I believe it's an unparalleled environment for a child's development, while also fostering a strong connection to their culture. Unfortunately, I no longer live in the village and haven't been able to provide my children with the same experiences I had growing up there.
Great sound! They're not getting younger, but they've still got it!
These stories are so entertaining! I love the mix of adventure and humor. I'm also intrigued by this city you're talking about. I've never heard of it before.
Great post! Very informative about this market. I have some Roman coins and I have a friend who collects sugar packets, the small ones. What a quirky collection! :)
I'm impressed with how much these newsletters have improved over the past few weeks. Keep up the great work!