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Following an idiot who doesn't even know the difference between inflation and currency exchange rate is stupid. After his logic Bitcoin had an inflation of ~40% p.a. since ATH.

What is the point of "holding" every 150th BTC ever available in someone else's custody? Isn't the whole thing of Bitcoin to have censorship resistance unlike with banks or Paypal? https://twitter.com/BTCGandalf/status/1465337256248500225 My guess is Saylor is just gambling for the profit in USD he expects but still is the bigger fan of banks and Fiat.

Stay away from centralised exchanges, use CoinJoins or Monero.

I would buy one immediately if it only had Monero support integrated. If you are talking about sovereignty and privacy, it's really tough with Bitcoin, even if you connect to the network via Tor. Coin control or even post-coinjoin privacy are really complex and you can lose your complete privacy with a small mistake.

So do you plan to add Monero to the wallet? One might use Bitcoin for storing but Monero for spending.

Since the wallet is fully custodial, it’s pretty much like PayPal.

Monero's proposed hard forks are always broadly discussed publicly with the whole community having the chance to participate and only decided when there broad consensus for the changes, pretty similar to Bitcoin's soft forks. Those soft forks make you also be out, since if you receive e.g. a SegWit output, without updating you will not able to use it.