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Actually, I used boltoiner.io =)

What else to expect from corporate media protecting the money printing press...

I didn't create the invoice, I used the lightning address

/listorders looking at the classifieds? No one's there yet?

Oh, didn't really get into the concept of purse.io, your brief explanation is even better than on their website. I took a closer look at them and tried to find the benefits for both parties there. There are discounts for the buyer and only losses for the "earner", unless you have a free "gift card". In this regard, I don't understand why there is a level system for earner, as if a "gift card" falls from the sky every day. That is, if I understand correctly, the site is beneficial to one side but not particularly beneficial to the other, which makes it unbalanced. I suspect that buy orders are hanging there for a very long time. In contrast, any crypto-fiat exchanger looks more balanced, since everyone there will earn from the difference in rates by placing their orders. I think if we consider purse.io as an example, their model should not be applied in its current form, but change it so that it is attractive for both parties (buyer and earner), not only as an opportunity to get rid of a "gift card".

This is all my opinion as a user, you may take it into account if you want.

Yes, Hodlhodl has lending and prediction market, I completely forgot about it. To be honest, I always considered them only as an exchanger, the only association I have when I think of them.

I've never heard anything like it! I hope it shoots up. But I think it's better to view yourself in terms of the average user and how you present it to them. The platforms you listed are escrow services in the narrow sense. Purse.io is an Amazon shopping site, and it seems to have ceased to exist. Hodlhodl and Bisq are cryptocurrency exchange boards, yes, they are successful, but it's only an exchange there. I know microlancer.io, it looks like a job board for freelancers, but I don't see much traffic or good moderation there, and so it has degraded to a PTC system for referral advertising. I think it's worth studying the experience of all these sites to find a better way to promote your platform without stepping on the old rake. Either way, I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

That's great! I'll be waiting Hope you can do it! There were sites that worked on-chain, but they did not find popularity. How are you going to overcome this barrier?

Fuck, why do they decide for us and don't ask anyone? They're out of their fucking minds, we need to remind them that they have to ask for our opinion, like with vaccinations, for fuck's sake!

Will it only work with Strike? Isn't that a KYC thing? What if I don't want it?

Will this app be available around the world?