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So if i understood all defy is a scam? Or you just keep on your wallet?
Dont know if you agred that nexo is better? That good comment on crypto group on fb
That statement i dont agree with you. It depend of what you made with. Some defy like nexo are good. And i dont tell like faucet thang supposed to buy either the dip or dca on it. Depend on your strategy. But dollar cost must insure you best value on time the market. Bitcoin still better than gold for faster return vs inflation. Gold as backed by dollar in old time. Btc is peer to peer if we all use still valuable.
This no bout vaccine if it all online. Mean dont suppose to been legal to proof your injection to them
Thanks for info my satocowboy friend
Bitcoin to the dust then to infinite plus one
What that seem to be illegal to fired on genders or orientations nor religion
How we can stack sats on profile