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This will matter until it doesn't.

It's clearly disingenuous to promote the idea that btc is a massive polluter, when the money they hold pollutes more to keep it moving. But unfortunately, it's not so clear to most people, that their incentives prevent them from seeing past their own fiat bellybutton.

Every house comes pre-equipped with a Raspberry Pi with free upgrades for life.

ngu airport

Hodler square

Would love to know if anyone uses it and how good it is.

People will go after the one the provides the best UX. Whether because it's easier to use, or just prettier.

I'm not a node expert myself, but I am also under the impression that Umbrel offers one of the best UX out there.

Completely agree that the different nodes usage should be more homogenous.

Been thinking for a while how to approach this, aka how could I help other node software providers improve their UX and boost their usage.

What makes the different nodes different? Is it the software installed by default? Is there custom software in each of them?

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YO YO πŸͺ€

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Don't get rekt. Just stick to Bitcoin and you'll have a happy life.

This feels so good! πŸ”₯

For me, nothing specifically. But for example, for someone that would like to use SN as their outlet for broadcasting news (like a "real" reporter), I'd imagine they would like to be able to monitor their balance from their wallet app.

Is it in roadmap to export at least the xpub, to be able to monitor the wallet with read-only?

When can I buy my call of duty gear with my sats?

Nice acronym 😁

This an excellent introduction to what bitcoin is aiming for. This short film will make nocoiners ask good questions.

Well said. There's virtually no reason to not be on the bitcoin standard.

Indeed. I don't know of any other providing the same service. Sad to see this go away.

Works for me (I'm not in the UK)