70780 stacked

Brave doesn't support extensions. Try Kiwi browser for that

You can't develop on the existing financial structure without their permission, so that's death on square one.

But, it would definitely increase LN adoption ⚡️

Wow this is awesome artwork. Is "AI" involved in the creation process?

😁 don't you love out-of-sync forks?

Its amazing to watch this whole shit unfolding right in front of us

Don't trust. Verify!

I love it!. All these tiled together on a massive outdoor would be sweet as well.

As you should. Interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Care to elaborate your thoughts?

NPCs will. Desperate and willingly.

Like this dudes, that write everything im russian, and make you translate everything, because it might be something worth your time

You are free to post whatever you like. The sats signal will let you know how welcome your posts are. Simples as that.

Too bad bitcoin is a scam, or that could save a lot of people.