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Switch to Bitcoin only… bitrefil might helps

For long term format NIP23 Medium alternative there is habla.news

Nice, welcome and take it @easy

that gDoc could be easily a draft of the beginning of a book… writing Bitcoin history in Cuba 💪

The Tor network sometime is unstable, I suggest using it in Brave (Tor browser better) and if you keep a backup of your robot you have nothing to worry about

In response to @falseFaucet PayWall solution, I'd indeed prefer to see open-communication and transparent information... made possible {maybe} with websites/tools' pre-authorization to charge sats based in info/data consumption

They need to learn the hard way too... 0.5% eNaira adoption is a success for bitcoin

Bitcoin on-chain transactions where possible in the past... I don't think will be a thing in the future, at all!

There's many more L2 technologies that will be easily and quickly replace the everyday use of bitcoin.

Great article anyway and congrats on the Legacy Project... it's an amazing summary and really well-designed

So what are the wallets that support RBF? Any link ref?

Luckily, is just a hypothesis for me. However, it is good to know about your thoughts. Do you ever got burn somehow?

Let's place the hypothesis that the company that build the device and the assets' management software is suddenly under regulations obligated to KYC all his customers by the government.

Think about blixt wallet for a self-custodial solution and/or coinos.io as a PoS

Not a news... just a fact. Especially if you refer to science and research make in rotten academic environments driven by the private sector

you don't, but unfortunately a lot of uneducated people will... just because a government says it's the right tool to use.