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I think these academics have the illusion that people are using watchtowers.

Are you an arm of Spiral?

The left must be silenced and expelled at any cost.

When are we going to see Lightning Address support at Cash App?

Yes, just don't make these posts.

But if they are going to be made and people are going to upvote them I will have to stop using SN.

Is this clickbait the type of content we want to see here? I must stop using this website.

Because it is not worth doing. Meanwhile they are crowding out more practical projects these grantees could be doing.

This is actually awesome. The company that pays should be also directing the efforts towards practicality and usability.

The alternative would be to give a grant so the developers would waste it implementing nonsense toys that no one cares about, like 99% of Spiral grants, for example.

What I actually want is that you make your product into an open protocol that others can also implement instead of trying to corner the entire market in a proprietary solution.

You are excluding all the existing Lightning users though. People that already have other wallets.

Shouldn't Specter give up their wallet and fork Sparrow instead?

Allow the visitor to request a Lightning invoice to pay.

Why these ugly base64 strings and not bech32?

And no sign of a https://lightningaddress.com/ implementation? Why not? It would be so simple.

Bitnob is listed as a provider at https://lightningaddress.com/. Does anyone know if that is true?