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Some great era specific humor in there, lol
No, invest all the money into a company called Enron. They'll never go down.
Oh, they'll go down just as fast as Monica Lewinsky alright.
Something something smartest guys in the room.
Something something too big to fail.
PS I'm no fan of CZ, but I imagine he may be contemplating his options..
If you are hodling crypto, make sure you do it in a wallet where you control the private keys. Otherwise, you have accomplished nothing and a slave you shall remain.
marked! lol :)
can he not like make a drive down into mexico, its a one way border check there.. then you can maybe like get on a boat that you can proxy buy through a corp and sail off into the UAE while avoiding the great underwater sub navy in open waters.. or get private jet pickup in nogales or something?
oooh hear that @siggy47 ? another one of your kind, among us! :)
yeah, lets just keep your winning formula in play, it sounds like its working, why try to sudo apt-get update linux kernel if no need :)
ps bro, here are some of your stats 63.8k stacked \ 519 spent
you can consider zapping content a bit more, in case you want to, around here, maybe then it will boomerang back to you! :)
this is where things may get interesting.. :)
Congrats for your winning, i appreciate your winning bro👏🏼,
thanks bro!
not only me come here to try luck for those precious SATs from @Sn
cool, good luck next week!
many people are here come to post there unique memes which everyone likes here,
hey, thats like me also, I am one of the many peoples like you :)
I do like other people memes also and ZAPs them as well
good work!
Thanks for letting me know its not my birthday week
anytime, lol :)
ah that's it., you do that thing, called.. sleep
Am I an anomaly?
probably, or you have some other stimulant vices hidden in your closets, lol :)
haha, well its not like you whip this up on demand, mania has its own timing you know? lol :)
woop woop! more cowboy credits to spent on sat bombs! thank you team SN!
yeah, its just a heuristic for me, associations do matter though (for me) there is too much to filter in the space for us to be able to give everyone the benefit of the doubt all the time, yet at the same time, I can nor cannot say where he is at with his thinking and code of ethics, so ill just focus on other voices
yeah, but he is probably not that technical, nor has the time to get into it, he can outsource for he has (to use vc language) written decent size tickets, lead those growth rounds, continues to be a capital provider and has done some sign and wiring, lol :) you on the other hand sir. I know you can! I believe! if svetski can do it, so can you, lol :)