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Wrote this little bit up after talking to a Bitcoiner who reached out to fast track his journey in his local town.
We can take what we know for granted, so wanted to share these broad strokes on the tools and process we go through with onboarding people and businesses.
There are trade-offs all over the place. So the approach we take is to find the "pain point" we need to solve and get it done with the right tool.
Listen twice as much as we talk and be prepared with solution options.
Hope it's useful, any further insights, please let me know. Thanks
When I went Bitcoin I realised I didn't need stuff like watches and jewellery and flash stuff. It was nice to have on occasion. But the importance went down. And just enjoyed the moments more with less.
Had a quick read and the concept looks cool.
Maybe slightly different to the first few. Still finding my feet here with writing these, doesn't help I was late to writing it.
But have been reading a lot around the Spiritual side lately which has been enlightening for me and probably inspired this after a recent conversation.
Epic time to be alive.
Thanks for reading, constructive feedback welcome.
Let us know when you come and visit. I enjoy your work, have read bits due to research and problem solving on Umbrel. Hopefully our private citadel will be ready when you do.
Our latest newsletter issue on Substack, we post 3 things about Bitcoin and El Salvador from the last week.
Along with any meetups or events that are coming soon.
My First Bitcoin and Bitcoin Beach meetups this week and next.
Also a link to our weekly live show, where we answer questions at the end as well.
Our weekly live video talking about our last week of Life & Bitcoin in El Salvador.
We talk about the 2 meetups, Association of Bitcoin, Beef farming, paying for fuel using our friends cash and more.
We cover a lot during a week here. Listening to our users and applying feedback as well.
Great write up! Love it. Big believer in LN. Living in El Salvador.
Wanting to dive into the apps a lot more. Looking forward to having more time to be in deeper like your writings.
Gracias. Enjoying the platform. Took me a little bit to get organised. But have a thing to add value here now.
We had this interview with John in November 2022 right before Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador.
Learn about his philosophy, teaching people money first, then Bitcoin.
Really interesting listen.
Currently the Diploma is only in Spanish, hopefully English soon.
He also had a great interview with Bitcoin Beach January 2023.
We are living in El Salvador and always looking for inspiring things being done with life, business and bitcoin lightning.
This is an interview we had with Oli, a surfer that has setup a cafe to suite his dreams and accepts bitcoin.
If you also like his work TIP CANEGUE CAFE ⚡️ https://pay.bbw.sv/octourism ⚡️ octourism@pay.bbw.sv https://instagram.com/caneguecafe/
Week 2 came out today.
My thoughts while living in El Salvador and actively using the network and looking for ways to support adoption.
Looking for any ideas or constructive feedback that might make this more interesting or helpful to people?
  • Added this week, 3 Lightning points at the top, intend to do every week, of interesting services or developments or news.
I'm trying something new with this newsletter. Some regular long form writing. Happy to hear any constructive feedback.
I'm writing 1 each week. Just finished LL2 which will be published tomorrow. Thanks
A Bitcoin LN rails wallet made with the Philippines first https://pouch.ph Maybe it's possible to be involved with them. They are working to onboard local businesses.
Check out Mircrolancer.io and others for small odd jobs.
Creating value with services that pay referral bonuses is a good way to also earn.
It will take time. But it's possible.
Nation State Game Theory. This is awesome! Excited for El Salvador to step up the game.
Bukele did a little video leak on progress in what appeared to be a hydro plant.