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That's like 25-30 million USD on ordinal inscriptions

Sheeeiiiit. Curfews are a sign of a failed city.

I think past times with gold are an example -- you could still find someone to lend you money if you were part of a community and people knew you etc. Or community organizations, etc

... stop mass immigration. It's not helping young people or the immigrants already here.

The currency is already highly devalued against housing and real costs. Fixing that will take generations and likely also require some kind of citizens movement against excesses of central banking, fractional reserve banking.

Also across the board corruption purges, I don't mean in a partisan way. The political class is very much out to lunch, on both sides of political spectrum, and statistically profiting off their own real estate ponzi. It looks completely corrupt from my point of view as an immigrant, and platitudes about how hard immigrants can work are not cutting it. It's also pretty inexcusable if you're a young person who "did everything right" and is still screwed.

To be clear, I'm criticizing the reflexive "gee we love immigrants, immigration is good!" attitude. The first part is kind of social signalling / fear of criticism, the latter part is simply not true beyond a certain threshold.

This is not a criticism of individual people or cultures, but more the idea that you can treat people as economic widgets and assert that bringing millions into an economy that can't support them... that it's somehow good... it's not. There are many TikTok / Twitter feeds from immigrants who are fed up with the quality of life and are basically sick of hearing how much Canada loves immigrants. It's a structural econ / numbers problem, not an argument based on "I don't like group <x> I want more of group <y>." We are literally at the much ruder point of "Fuck off, we're full" except it's the immigrants saying it now

The violence is directly related to the unrelenting immigration scheme and lack of meaningful social advancement outside real estate lottery

Your first reason for optimism is one of the biggest problems, and I say that as an immigrant. It's kind of pandering / pablum at its finest.

This country has suffered under the past high levels of immigration, the immigrants themselves bearing the brunt of the lack of opportunity and low wages. Secondarily the people who were hoping for pressure on labor market to move in their favor. |

There simply needs to be a moratorium on immigration if anything is to improve. The literature from labor studies, MIT/IEEE on tech labor trends has basically shown there is not labor or skills gap. It's just a ponzi

Also no joke I have totally fucked myself up from repetitive sitting, want something where I am expected to move around during the day at least a little.

Burnout after working my last tech job (big company, big projects, bad corp culture), also a desire to try my hand at selling. I still enjoy working with software but lately it's just pet projects and learning a bit of DSP here and there

The thing that concerns me, that makes it much worse than Greece imo, is that Canada is a highly divided country, with a huge immigrant population. There are have-nots both in the immigrant and "old stock" Canadians, and the political class is essentially out to lunch, highly corrupt.

People are getting squeezed so hard, and the money is devaluing so badly against housing that we're not only going to have homeless encampments, you'll have widespread poverty based crime. That will not be one big happy cultural mosaic, either.

In Greece, as I recall reading, you had a highly homogenous society that was basically not declaring taxes, the government taking ill advised loans etc (everyone was kinda playing that game) and so when IMF / West called in loans, there was likely more solidarity amongst the Greeks.

In Canada, based on my early life experiences, I can foresee like a "powder keg" of resentment-based violence and it's not a pretty picture. This is the kind of thing I worry about and why I brought up getting the fuck outta here lol... I don't actually want to move to a whole new place for a second time in my life, not sure where I'd go even. Grumble grumble

Been interested in trying sales jobs after working in tech for a while, applied to a few tech-adjacent sales jobs. Wish me luck

NVDA jumped almost 30% in pre-market trading.

Just learned about the OffSec PEN-200 exam, any thoughts? Intrigued by the 23.75 hr live exam. Seems like I'd learn a lot, as compared to some other certs

What life / work path led you to Texas? What was work/visa situation like? I'm in Toronto and it's brutal, and would very much like to move more permanently to Texas or the Carolinas or something

look at mempool.space, click on any of the latest blocks, and look at the "heatmap" of individual transactions in the block.

When all the smallest transactions are like $2-5 per tx, it's not just Muun. But yeah I prefer Phoenix wallet

Good to see other people feel the same way. After I left a last big corporate company, as a developer I was completely burnt out. Enjoying programming again in various forms again.

"Bitcoin is Venice" was thoroughly enjoyable to me. Interesting arguments, good bibliography pointing at other worthwhile reads.

He's a cutout for whatever private money / intelligence agency stuff is behind OpenAI

People pay good bitcoin to upvote what they want. Don't need topic police