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No. Tron is the pure network effect. It has almost nothing besides USDT.
USA probably. Germany in EU.
Always the best from any side. You can run node and build something or you can use a convinient wallet and it will be working in a very predictable fashion. Fast. I have no idea why Tron USDT is more popular than liquid USDT because liquid is simply better. Not to say anything about lending on HodlHodl.
Unfortunately there are no good centralized exchanges anymore.
If you are on Android, try the best in class Valet, a fork of SBW. Install and open real channel with deezy or blocktank LSP. I heard they keep channels open for long.
No. Money as good has its price expressed in other goods and services and Bitcoin is wildly volatile.
from renewable sources like solar and wind in order to lift a heavy weight
Solar is very relevant to Finland
I am disappointed there are too many references to shitcoins.
"It's not currently possible to fund your 10101 wallet or DLC channel using Lightning, but we will definitely enable it in future releases."
I am puzzled. Can user spend sats from DLC channel casually like with regular channel?