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But you talk about official propaganda art. And sozart was underground culture.

Samourais seem to be ok. Even invented their own clone of LNURL-Auth.

Indeed could save some bucks for instant noodle while using BTCPay solution.

This is from Telegram chat. But one epic proof you can find in Allister Milne's Twitter. He refunded damage.

Can't consider it other than trolling, posting a link onto Reddit at LN driven media.

Everybody could get rekt in any ways.

Telegram bot LNTXBOT has been hacked several times but @fiatjaf continues supporting it and it is great.

Providing services might be risky and for Compass Mining I could say that they had their Kazakhstan moment, they had their Russia moment. I assume they might loose something as a result. I hope they can sort it out somehow.

An item for hyperinflation nerds.

The 50 sous paper bill from XVIII century hyperinflation is for sale on plebeian.market auction ending in about a day.


More about the item in the "Proof-of-Story"

Inflation, Price Controls, and Collectivism During the French Revolution

They released beta quite recently.

You are welcome)

Simplest one I see is just multisig with family lawyer.

Look into Mycitadel project for advanced schemes.

I see an abundance of VC money as direct result of credit expansion. So the result is quite similar.

Simple Auctions and plebeian.market exist although aren't funded by vc's.

May be VC money is the actual rats poison?

On very high level it feels like Germany is doing Weimar 2.0 story again.

They also give away money to compensate price increases.

Plebeian auction ends in less than 1 day. Weimar 5T emergency bill for sale




Likely not, in Germany.

Not yet and the market is very young. I think you can follow them in Twitter


Plebeian auction ends in less than 2 days. Weimar bill for sale


Thanks. I will try to post more hyperinflation artifacts.

French one from XVIII may be next.