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Every merchant is kinda "centralized," and this has many consequences. This post addresses nothing. Similar to saying, "To be flying, you must overcome gravity."
They have started with strong new team and eradication of corruption in Georgia. Milei probably starts from the wrong end. Beaurocrats will resist.
Normally I don't want to know that. And since CEXes lost their point I don't care anymore.
It is not so hard to call out scammers in the space full of scammers.
Cory comes to expose the fractional reserve guy but there is also Cory.
The provably fair lottery doesn't need any oracles. The Bitcoin is an oracle.
LND is the most popular and so far I havent heard any serious vulnerabilities. But so be it with other clients. Their security relies on operating system security.
If you know Germany good enough you realize that it is a clickbait.
Too new client, generally. I once tried Eclair and had instant 5 FC in a row. After them i figured out a proper setup but it was just a setup in my case.
Local p2p traders, OTC desks. Companies like ETC Group.
Depends on the threat model. Refer to Blockchain Commons materials to learn more about this.
Generally, yes it is better to store them separately. Using shamir secret sharing scheme you may split phrase among different locations.
This is interesting. Because Mr. DarthCoin was so toxic about Standard Sats Fiat channels, which should allow people actually avoid fiat because of its most used feature -- relatively stable purchasing power. And since there are no tokens, Fiat channels may also allow people to avoid using stablecoins. It is like 10101 DLC channels but much cheaper, albeit custodial.
But looking further into the thread I also started thinking that banks might be paying premium to have better collateral available for their business in the times of instability. But this is deeply confusing and seems that LN key rate idea is pretty self sufficient and adequate.
Mostly to make fun.
But actually there are anticipations that LN will set Bitcoin's "key rate". Not risk-free rate but some sort of yield that could be generated from liquitidy used in channels.