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Of course he calls, it was outlined earlier here. He basically wants to do what Hitler did.


Вне зависимости от этой идеи биткоины хранят люди и используют его для своих целей.

I heard something about such mixing activities. It is possible not everywhere but I am sure large scale money laundering shops do that just not with 100 dollar payments but with mllions. Whole art market is essentially fiat mixer.

I think at some point we should allow them to surveil sub 1 Euro transactions and just flood them on the other side. Develop "mixers" using fake accounts etc.

I seriously didn't like this episode. Tons of "Smart contract" things happening in Bitcoin. Miniscript and simplicity, Blockstream deployed onchain limit orders on Liquid. This guy is misinformed.

Термодинамика. КПД не может быть более 100% по определению.

We want the best experience for our users and the developer of SBW did a lot for that.

Also out way will be different to OBW that's for sure.

And another topic is to transfer all commits/updates from the original SBW. We have forked wallet for Bankathon/Hackathon and since then were busy fixing our own bugs in Fiat channels.

Yes. We will likely adopt native tor.

время производится отдельно

Use Blockchain Commons materials and software.


I'd agree usual multisig might be better.

Imagine Russians who got rejected when fleeing to other countries. Wouldn't they go in free city where they could continue live and work? It would mean an opportunity for free cities to out-compete national states while providing valuable services.

Yes. But now we have a big war in Europe and refugees on both ends and this concept somewhat fails to address current situation which would mean that Free cities/Citadels aren't livable. Good idea though but... I could believe that El Salvador may become "a Citadel" but there is a lot going wrong right now.

Попробуй. Подпиши в объявлении ограничения и прочее.

Fiat channels and hosted channels as well are custodial solution. However, user can always prove that host cheated, plus host has no insight into user's payments. Specifically where they go.