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Oh I thought they already removed the ability to do just texts.

You cannot use Signal in non-encrypted mode (unless I'm missing something). Telegram is by default not encrypted, so I wouldn't recommend it for anything important.

I got to almost 0 sats here... again :)

Hello! How did you find out about bitcoin?

  • I would highlight that more than 70% of ETH blocks are now OFAC'd and censoring transactions (you can just use bank and run your app on AWS in that case).
  • The main tools like Metamask are getting IP tracking
  • The main reason for company to create token is to suck out money out of people when things go inevitably belly up.

I'd forward sats to Maxim, but not sure if he's here...

Brave now does this natively.

I didn't find a good reference, but I have seen multiple times that clothes dryers in the US consume ~60 billion kWh per year.

Cool! It's interesting to see the forks pick up the code after SBW.

Are there any useful features worth merging from OBW (@fiatjaf) into Valet?

Sounds interesting. One thing to check out is the model that Elementary OS uses. In its app store it has a default price for the software (e.g. $5, paid with credit card), but each user can manually lower that to 0 if they don't want to pay.

Buying a beer with stacker news earned balance is one of my goals.

Neither is great for privacy... Matrix is leaking all metadata, server has full view and a lot of groups are public anyway.

Yes, currently it's the best option. The need for mobile number is really annoying though and breaks privacy if you want to join groups with many people.

If you need just a quick tap-to-gift card, then you can repurpose older hotel key cards.

Recently I bought Retroid Pocket 3, loaded it with SNES, GBA, PSP and MS-DOS games and have been enjoying it a lot! When retrogaming sub on SN? :)

Indeed, there's a balance that everyone has to find on their own...

The one thing that's quite to hard to get is actual numbers of things.

  • Anyone has a good source for how many dollars are in offshore accounts (the "eurodollars")? And how many dollars are lent into existence offshore vs within Fed's oversight?

Check out this example. Also make sure that the title is good and not "spammy".

Increasing your default makes you think more carefully about what posts you actually care about and which posts provided you with value...