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Btw, they accept donations via Lightning... just saying ;)

It's interesting that they say it's not based on Chromium even though the screenshot is very much Chrome, maybe they just used some common template for that. The fact that it's not based on Chromium actually makes me a bit worried...

Yeah, this seems unrelated to the scope of conversations we have here. Currently we are imho interested mainly in topics related to Bitcoin and Lightning like cryptography, economics, tools, wallets, etc. If your post is clearly trying to promote something completely outside of that scope, then it will be frown upon....

@k00b, do we have a solution for spam? I guess not giving sats is a first step, but maybe there could be some community vote mechanism to vote with sats to remove a post?

This is one of the best intro tutorials for "how bitcoin actually works".

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I see. Ok, that's reasonable and probably learnable. :)

Oh maybe it's already working like that, or there's some bug? When I go to https://stacker.news/, then the label says "top", but the items are not sorted by votes.

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Thank you :) Pretty cool.

One suggestion I would have is to actually default to the "recent" view as that will imho make more people vote on the recent topics. And I'm saying this even though I probably want to see "top" more often... :)

I think there are 2 parts to this

  1. I would love to see links to podcastindex.org, Mastodon, Peertube, Tor version, I2P version, IPFS hosting of the files, etc. But then almost no-one would be able to find it. The podcast teaches you exactly about those things, so the expectation is that the listener wouldn't know about it ahead of time.
  2. That said I'm especially annoyed by the Google Analytics, many JS binaries, the tracking id in localStorage and requests to tens of domains. I'd encourage everyone to comment about that at https://twitter.com/optoutpod/status/1449935488597508096

Here is Breez link, but I don't think the author actually has the node running, so not sure if they will get any sats.

#15: Be able to see top posts today, this week, this month :)

And then we could start doing some fun things. Like AMAs with Lightning friendly podcasters or authors? Preston Pysh, @dergigi, BTCSessions, Adam Curry or others. I think that would be really fun to organize, schedule and folks could highlight it on twitter, etc. I did AMA here https://stacker.news/items/2734 and that was lots of fun.

sidenote Q: Is there some better UI to read those mailing list threads? Pipermail UI is pain for the last 20 years...

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It's developed mostly by Casey and Sönke, see https://github.com/agora-org/agora

Other node software developers are now learning the importance of UX :)

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Now it seems to be working :)

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So I tried and it doesn't work yet. "We are preparing your deposit details"...

In bitcoinhackers.org you have to search directly for the channel name, e.g. @btc_media@bitcointv.com and hit enter when it shows up and then you can follow.

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hint: Check out this jack's comments here ;)

It's really cool and if you use Moon with Strike you get 5% cashback, see https://stacker.news/items/1994 ;)

Since it's also running on ActivityPub protocol, you can literally follow the video channels using your Mastodon account from https://bitcoinhackers.org or any other instance in the fediverse ;)