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I recommend reading more than a line or two...

This goes straight into my to-listen list :)

There is a big value in Peter McCormack asking "naive" questions, because there's often a lot to be learnt by both the interviewee and the listener...

Lightning Crush is a fun game where you can immediately withdraw the sats...

It only becomes a reasonable solution if they use or otherwise peg to Bitcoin blockchain.

My guess would be around 100k per day currently.

We can't really look it up... that's sort of the point of Lightning.

I like the mocks - there are things to learn from and you can tell that they got a UX person... We will see if this will ever materialize :)

One thing I can proudly say is that if we wouldn't be in a Miami bar with couple folks involved, this would be a shitcoin conference instead, not Bitcoin...

And what do you do for fun if you don't mind me asking? I'm assuming the trials are not much time consuming, so you have probably quite a bit of time? (is that correct?)

Do you have another job outside of this too? Or is it your fulltime?

If you are streaming money "to" podcaster, then it works over classic lightning. The podcaster has their own LN node associated, etc.

Why would it be bad? There is an user cost in every wallet calling the concepts differently and using completely different UX paradigms...

In my opinion we are far from the point where we should start worrying about "there's no innovation in the UX"

Welcome :) Note that here we will reward you for the value you bring us in your posts and comments...

He has interesting perspectives and on high level many of those make sense to me (and worry me). He's misunderstanding the value of Bitcoin and generally underestimating the effects central bank policies... e.g.

  • US devalues dollar by 40%
  • --> price of everything around the world raises by 40+% (+ Russian invasion limits gas/oil/fertilizer/wheat distribution)
  • --> African and Middle East countries can't afford to buy or produce food
  • --> massive famine

Essentially if you watch Zeihan's talk and then watch the recent talk from McCormack & Preston Pysh... then the pieces start fitting together.

He's right on some things and he's Putin on some other things...

So WoS is saving roughly 3 blocks worth of transactions per day :)

I really wonder how many transactions per day are done in Breez and Fountain, because the podcast streaming sends sats every minute (or every 4 minutes).

What was the behavior that you saw?

Do you know if there's a way to see all auctions?

How is distributed team working out for you? Are there any things that are harder than expected?