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Sorry, but dont you need a client to access the Bitcoin Gossip Network?

So how can you use that to download the client? Or did i misunderstand something here?

I am not sure but i think i may have started it with 100, but not sure.


I remember 1st time i heard about Kraken, i also found Jesse angle.co profile and it said "Interested in disruption" - for some reason i still remember this

This sounds interesting.

Is there any place you wrote/talked about how is this used?

The reason I deleted the tweet is that I also said there it caused a hard fork. This was INCORRECT.

There was actually a hardfork near this time, but the blocks I mentioned in the tweet were not the ones hardforks.


Yeah I don't mind it also.

Just thought its a fun factoid to tell.

I would not say worry, but i kinda feel this whole LN will be cheap forever is how people used to think the same thing about on-chain back in the day.

The man wrote code with his eyeball.

I mean cmon.

I was obviously making a joke.

But the obvious solution is to let the market decide on this problem but seems the propriety that k00b is living in is not priced in accordingly.

I personally reason as so.

Bitcoins are created in the coinbase transaction, so whoever creates this transaction, creates the bitcoin.

The way miners work today, how could someone trying doubleSHA256 even create bitcoins that make no sense.

Bitcoins have to be created by a node, however, this would have to be a mining node.

Do you lads agree?

I don't know and i don't care.

I want videos of people pronouncing it wrong.

If anyone else also wants to know this information it can be found at https://transactionfee.info/charts/bitcoin-script-total-signature-size/

I ended up asking @0xB10C on Twitter as he already had signature data on his website and added this new section :) https://transactionfee.info/charts/bitcoin-script-total-signature-size/

At the time of writing does not include Schnorr sigs, but its not really an issue as there are something like 1k Taproot TXs don't the netowrk.

Thanks, I did also end up there myself

I even found some python parsers online that do the jobhttps://github.com/ragestack/blockchain-parser

The difficult part actually is to parse the input script.

But in the end just asked https://twitter.com/0xB10C and he help me out.


You have a very good point. I should have said that indeed.

Will keep in mind for future posts.

I thought about that myself, but it really would not work as signatures have different sizes depending on time(as different encodings were used) and TX type.