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Why would Brazil be stupid enough to get involved with Argentine economic policy?

Oh she's already there: npub1cp0eqtakqgwckx6eax9uwtmrz9pdh2thcgu2l3lhnedyztm0ahusdcvtcf

Don't waste your time on such spammy shitcoin scams

We need to get Ninja Grandma on Nostr, she's a great writer!

wind took mine yesterday, but got another one after tipping some posts. Seems like you can get another by tipping certain amount per day, but still experimenting with exactly how you keep from losing your hat.

LN channels and capacity have been relatively stable over past month. The real breakout started in Spring 2021. LN channels and capacity, all time

GPT4BTC - ChatGPT3 Android app gives access to GPT AI for anyone with an android device. No phone number required, and has built in LN payment option. Also there's a nostr chatbot version anyone can use on nostr by tagging it with @gpt4btc.

Open access to AI for everyone in the world is a gamechanger!

Ooh I got it back again after tipping a post

Ordinals and simply a weak attempt by shitcoiner to remain relevant by spamming bitcoin with jpgs - it will die a slow (hopefully fast) death just like like other such bad ideas like nfts and shitcoins.

It's warranted, Rodarmor sounds like a nft pushing, shitcoiner struggling to remain relevant by spamming the Bitcoin blockchain.

It's fun to watch shitcoiners get shot down on nostr as they try to hawk their scams to maxis there.

Yes, following China's lead is always a good move - another bad take from mega-old mega-grifter Munger

The wind took mine yesterday, now I'm bald and looking for another one

Nostr will hopefully replace the internet as we know it eventually

The wife has different views 😂

Banks get the $3B from IMF, citizens lose 90% of everything: fiat business as usual.

In an inflationary currency, debt is pretty much the only way to get ahead. The rich know this and leverage debt to finance asset investments and avoid paying taxes on those assets.

Debt allows the rich to become richer. While the poor, who generally poorly manage their debt (by using it to buy liabilities) end up losing access to cheap debt and can't use it to the same extent, owing to lack of collateral.

Personally, I carry a sizeable student loan which I've been making minimum payments on for a decade. I took out a modest LoC and bought btc with it a few years ago, which I'm also making the minimum payments on.

Despite my stack being worth far more than my total debt load, I refuse to sell btc to pay off fiat debt. Why would I trade hardest digital money known to man for worthless entries in a fiat database? I'd rather take the 7 years to shake a bankruptcy and come out the other end with my entire stack (+ student loan), as I have full confidence in that time my savings are far more secure in bitcoin than in a bank's computer.

Have to play the fiat game to survive in fiat world