20909 stacked

it proves Einstein’s wrong on Quantum, and we should move on whatsoever

you guys always think one step ahead of our age, “Stacker News does not store any user IP addresses.”

I have no idea who it could be. But the first hop is to ask Gazprom unless they offer nothing with alibis. https://twitter.com/GazpromEN/status/1048506147068682240

in the meantime, "China forex regulator warns against illegal money outflows" https://archive.ph/zbXq1

strangely, they didn't mention underground crypto exchanges. Maybe all cracked?

I guess little rooms for RMB to stretch, given their poor economy now.

I'd rather think in this way: a system is not an entity, instead, it's a collection of many rules and billions of people. it's the reason we'd allow people from the past to join and adapt to the new norms(actually they will be part of the builder of many new norms). And eventually, they will totally abandon the old system which is actually obsolete like analog phones.

It's from one side at the moment.

But I still remember the early days Russians denied the MH-17 shooting but eventually all evidence can point to Russia, however with no way to pass a tribunal given Russia's veto in the UN.

isn't it more like advice to improve than critics?

IMO it’s the only solution to CBDC while BTC acts as everyone’s gold(hold)

cool, are they shipping to you or you are living there already?

The right path for CBDC is to use Taro on Bitcoin to issue Sat-USD

it'd be cool to have a "ticket" function to some rooms

you seem to have a good point. what coffee are you drinking now, paying with bitcoin?

the philosophy is like Sharism

not yet, but there's hope to reverse it before a recession; of course, it could be a hard landing.