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Don't know. It's under active dev tho so soon I hope!

Hadn't heard of it. Will check it out.

Enjoyed this. It's like John Oliver but without the laugh track, less snarky, and meaningfully more serious.

I sadly do not hack on main chain stuff yet. I've heard its hard to get a whole bitcoin on testnet.

1596 channels with 40.728BTC opened

So - it's popular.

The main point: you commit outbound liquidity and you get inbound liquidity from someone in your ring. It's a nice hack on liquidity trying to solve the same problem dual-funded channels or Pool solves.

Anyone used it? Does the service take a fee?

I agree. They're both deep in the space. Really fun to listen in on smart people talking to each other.

From the Twitter announcement

Students will learn how to build #Bitcoin applications from the ground up using the Rust programming language.

This was written pre-adjustment but the real adjustment was -28%! It's remarkable watching a decentralized system continually reach consensus and respond to incentives.

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Some kind of markdown in comments

Today, that 90% was reached, and the deployment will transition inevitably into locked-in state at the end of this retargetting window. Activation will follow automatically, at block 709632 in November 2021. After that, the rules will be enforced on mainnet, and available for use