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Not currently, but something we're considering.

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Yes, this is our connection string: 03cc1d0932bb99b0697f5b5e5961b83ab7fd66f1efc4c9f5c7bad66c1bcbe78f02@xhlmkj7mfrl6ejnczfwl2vqik3xim6wzmurc2vlyfoqw2sasaocgpuad.onion:9735

You can also find this info on our website footer.

yes, just tick the boxes for the types of transactions you want to see.

you can choose between funding, withdrawal, earning, and spending transactions.

If you click your wallet balance, you'll see a wallet history button that shows you all your past transaction data.

Just added a new FAQ section going over this in more detail: https://stacker.news/items/349#how-do-i-see-my-transaction-history

What is the biggest challenge standing in the way of mainstream Lightning Network adoption?

please send an email to kr@stacker.news

Pretty cool to see dozens of Lightning apps being highlighted here, including a few new ones.

What are your favorite new Lightning apps? What is missing from this list?