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Tiramisu is a platform. We mostly want to bring it creators to mint their own coins and NFTs and post about them on Twitter . What makes tiramisu unique is the minting and bill minting functionality.
AdamCoin has a lot of holders and transactions but we want to do more than just to bring in people to trade one coin.
I would love to buy assets from you and just them on Tiramisu but the withdrawals don’t seem to work
We operate a platform called Tiramisu wallet and we are fully integrated with the taproot asset’s protocol.
We have many thousand assets.
Making improvements to Tiramisu Wallet for taproot assets https://mainnet.tiramisuwallet.com/ that users have requested.
Also Taproot Assets are becoming super popular in China and Asia. Initially it surprised me. There is a lot of Bitcoin whales and alpha investors in China and Asia.
On the topic of AI generated girls in skimpy clothes we have them on Tiramisu for ~100 SATs each πŸ˜‚
Human creativity is not to be underestimated. I personally see Taproot Assets as a platform for people to build new things.
No one is able to predict all possible use cases for taproot assets, new coins new NFTs. People could use it to trade tokenized stocks, options, stablecoins. This will be possible in a non-custodial way once Taproot Assets hit mainnet.
I ... I just want to know who the target demographic is for this.
Hi, Yes Bitcoin Maxis are not at all into taproot assets. Most Tiramisu users are from around the Ordinal / Degen community. They are very interested in this.
To a lesser extend people who run their Lightning nodes are interested in running taproot asset nodes on top of LND.