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Hey I'm Mr. X Bitcoiner and IXD/UX Designer from Germany.

On the side I also design Bitcoin merch. (at the moment on Redbubble, but maybe in the future for a dedicated Bitcoin shop? If you are interested DM me.)

ā†’ Redbubble Shop I hope it's okay to post the link.

Follow me on fountain.fm ā†’ fountain.fm/x

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Your link is broken. This is your markdown:

[Redbubble Shop](NautilusMare.redbubble.com)

but it should be this:

[Redbubble Shop](https://nautilusMare.redbubble.com)

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thank you I will fix it.

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what up welcome all the way from America ! good luck on you side biz!

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Hallo šŸ‘‹šŸ»

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Hey, thanks!